Hobby Progress, week 21

Hobby Progress

Well folks, my hobby progress blog comes of age! 21 weeks of doing stuff with Warhammer miniatures, and what a time it’s been!

This week, I’ve not actually painted anything, but I have built a load of stuff, starting with the Silver Tower minis!

I’ve built up all of the monsters, and three of the heroes, and actually got in a game at the weekend – keep an eye out for the write-up on Tuesday! I’ve not yet got round to painting anything, however I’m planning to do this kinda slowly and do it in stages. I’m not in any particular rush to get them done, I’m used to playing games with unpainted minis, after all, but I do want to get them done soon. Stay tuned for progress here!

Finally, as if building up almost 50 miniatures for the game, I’ve also done these guys! I am so excited about getting these built – I wrote a blog a while ago saying how I’d always wanted to have a Tomb Kings army, and I’m finally on the way to making this happen! The Necropolis Knights are probably my favourite of all those I managed to get my hands on during the Last Chance to Buy thing, so I’m really pleased to see them come together.

I’ve got an awful lot of miniatures on the go now, which is something ideally I wanted to avoid. However, I’m also thinking that it’s best to go along with painting whatever I’m feeling in the mood for – that certainly did me well the week before last, with the Stormcast extravaganza! My degree course has now finished for the summer, so I’ve got four months in which I’ll hopefully get a lot done! I’m really hoping that I’ll get to finish a lot of things off, and get a lot of stuff painted up that has been sat around for weeks or months in boxes. Though of course, this is me…

Let’s see what these four months will bring!

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