Hobby Progress, week 18

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody!
Welcome to another week of hobby progress! This is a week that, despite my thoughts to the contrary, has actually seen some real progress made, so I’m quite chuffed!

To start with, I’ve been building stuff. Quite a lot of stuff, actually. A disparate band of miniatures, aren’t they? I bought a box of Tempestus Scions last week, as I’d been thinking since reading Legion that I’d like some normal human soldiers to accompany my Space Marines, and the beret look is how I think I’d like them to look. So I’ve built two of those guys, one of whom is the vox caster, and he looks hilarious!

I’ve also built some more from the Deathwatch: Overkill game. This board game has really excited me to be exactly that, a board game, but unlike with Space Hulk, which I built up pretty much the weekend it was released, I’ve been really quite drawn-out with this process so far. I think I have something akin to miniature fatigue, still. Well anyway, three more models for the game, slow and steady wins the race!

If you saw my post yesterday, you’ll know that I finally got some new Orcs in my life. I’ve actually been inspired to do something with at least one of the new Orruk Brutes, and built and primed him up yesterday afternoon. This morning, then, I’ve painted his skin with Waaagh! flesh and Warboss Green, and have done some thin coats on some of his armour plates with Screaming Skull. I’ve decided to do the Stoneskulls, though I had thought briefly about doing the Kryptboyz. I basically wanted to do something different to how I have a lot of my other Age of Sigmar stuff.

In addition to this, I’ve also dug out a genestealer from Space Hulk, and have done some little bits to him! Only some purple on the skin and bits on the base, but still!

Last week was potentially going to be a really quiet week for miniatures painting, anyway, as I had an essay due on the Thursday. Well, that’s now in, but I don’t have much rest as the dissertation for this module is due on 27 May, and I don’t really know what I’m going to write about! I’ve got a week off soon, so I’m not really at panic-stations just yet, but there is always the chance that the next few weeks will also be quiet as I focus more on that.

But hopefully over the summer, things will get a lot busier! I’m planning to properly get back into playing both Age of Sigmar, and to start properly with 40k, so I hope that, by having games planned, it’ll incentivize me into painting more and actually getting projects completed!

Such is the plan…

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