New ways to play

Age of Sigmar news

So the news has dropped, folks. Age of Sigmar will have points values, probably around the first anniversary I’m guessing – early July, anyway. Seems like a lot of folks are pretty happy.

In addition, they’re bringing a narrative style that sounds like it could be awesome, though I’m vaguely suspicious as the campaign books that have been published so far already contain a high degree of this style of play. Maybe there’ll be an almost-RPG feel to the game? I don’t know. Should be really cool, anyway, and is by far the most exciting part of this announcement for me.

My local store has always had a high degree of narrative players, however, so I doubt there’ll be a big change here. While I’m slightly dubious about what adding points into the game will mean for what we’ve had so far, I’m nevertheless intrigued by just what’s going to happen in the coming months…

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