Orruks! Ironjawz! Oh my!

It’s new Sigmar time again!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m actually getting quite excited about these gentlemen! I’ve not previously been all that into old-style Orcs, and while I have sometimes flirted with the idea of Orks, I never really did anything about it. While previously, you’d tend to pick an army and then focus on that section of the product range with something like tunnel-vision, Age of Sigmar has made things so much more free by allowing you to field an army with anything stuck to it, and I’ve already been attaching Sylvaneth and Seraphon to my Stormcast Eternals…

Ironjawz Maw Krusha Age of Sigmar

The biggest draw, for me, is this chap. I’m still undecided if I actually want to get the big dragon for the Stormcast Eternals line, which is part of the reason why I didn’t do any kind of feature-blog here as I tend to do when new models get released for pre-order. There’s just something about this model, however, that I really like somehow. The spoiler pictures have been doing the rounds of the internet for a couple of weeks now, of course, and initially I was wondering if I could adapt it, putting one of my Ogres on top there instead. These spoiler pictures weren’t too great, so I couldn’t really see what the Orruks themselves looked like, but had just assumed I wouldn’t really be all that interested in them.

Orruks Ironjawz Age of Sigmar

Well I’m actually intrigued now! Part of the reason, I suppose, is just the fact they’re shiny and new, but I do like variety as well, and often think of the Destruction faction more like mercenaries than anything else, so including some alongside my Stormcasts isn’t entirely out of the realms of possibility. I mean, Sigmar is trying to purge the Realms of the taint of Chaos, and Orruks and Ogors just seem to want to fight, so why not?

One of the reasons why I like these chaps is their fluff. This week’s White Dwarf has got a lot to say about the new Orruks, obviously, and a lot of it uses that Cockney twang that often looks so annoying, but somehow just fits right in here! It’s one of the things that makes the Warhammer setting so uniquely British, and I love it all the more for it!

Orruks Ironjawz Age of Sigmar

While I’m not always a fan of the big stuff (it is a miniatures game, after all), I plan to pick one of these up next weekend, along with the Battletome, because why the hell not, and possibly another unit of something. Not quite sure yet. But even if they don’t go alongside my Stormcasts, it might be the excuse I need to get moving with my Ogors and get a true Destruction army under way!

As for colour schemes, I definitely won’t be going for that eye-damaging yellow look. I don’t know if they’re trying to draw a close comparison with the Orks of 40k, whose studio scheme also uses a lot of yellow, but the teaser in this week’s White Dwarf has got me thinking maybe they intend to produce cross-system kits? “Dakka” is more 40k than fantasy, after all, so maybe they’re going to take a route similar to Chaos Demons and have stuff that can be used in both games. But that’s getting off-topic. I’m thinking I might go for some kind of red armour, though I’m not the biggest fan of painting red if I’m honest. There’s at least a week to decide, though – and knowing how fast I paint, I’ll probably have a lot longer than that!

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