Imperial Knight: Renegade

Have you seen this insanity?!

Games Workshop have today put up for pre-order a new boxed game, which features two Imperial Knights duking it out in the ruins, for just £120. Yeah, sure, that’s expensive for a board game, but if you wanted to buy two Imperial Knights and the scenery kit, you’d be looking at spending £200 – and this game also comes with the extra bits and pieces to play the game with, too! It’s almost like you get a free Imperial Knight when you buy this box!

I’m not a fan of the Imperial Knight, which has always caused raised eyebrows at my local GW whenever the topic comes up. I guess it’s partly due to the fact that it’s a really expensive model, but also – this is supposed to be a miniatures game! While I have been looking at some big chaps lately, I’m predominantly interested in line troops and the like, and big guys like the Knights have no real interest for me.

Imperial Knight Renegade

But man, that game just looks insane! I fully expect this to sell out super-fast, given how Knights fans often want to field an entire household and suchlike!

You guys looking to get a copy?

4 thoughts on “Imperial Knight: Renegade”

  1. I saw something about this earlier, looks interesting although I’m generally suspicious whenever GW tries to help its customers make a saving. Like yourself I’m not a huge fan of the Knights but have warned to them in recent months. This could be tempting….

      1. Ditto! I might actually consider this if I can convince a mate to split the box haha

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