Rogue One trailer

So this has hit today, and I’m once more feeling torn over the new direction of Star Wars films. The trailer alternately looks like it should be pretty great, but I also feel a little like we’re going over old ground once again.

While none of it is canon anymore of course, stealing the plans to the Death Star is still so vastly over-done as a story idea in the Star Wars universe, rather than being excited by it, I’m just yawning and feeling like we’ve been here before. So much. There were times when it was interesting, but whatever, we’ll get to see the “official” story now as a movie.

I’m somewhat saddened to see how new movies that use old stuff also manage to make that old stuff look kinda crappy. The AT-ATs we see look really cool, but that kinda makes me feel like the scene in Empire with those massive things trundling across the Hoth tundra are a bit meh by comparison. It’s something the prequel movies got horribly wrong, and I was hoping wouldn’t be an issue for any new movies, but Disney is obviously keen to milk the era of the Classic trilogy for as much as it’s worth, so I guess we aren’t over the hill yet.

Other than that, it looks like it could be really good. Although we don’t get as much of an ensemble feel from the trailer – seems like the focus is squarely on the character of Felicity Jones – I love the idea of an ensemble movie for Star Wars with a wider scope than just three main characters. Looks like it may even have something of a Suicide Squad feel to it, which I find funny given the timing and all.

Hopefully it’ll be really great, though I have to admit, I’m looking forward for the day when we might actually get an original new Star Wars movie…