Hobby Progress, week 11

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody,
It’s week eleven already, where has the time flown! I’ll give you all three guesses as to how much work I’ve done on miniatures this week…

If you said “none”, then you’d actually be wrong – however, you’d be right if you guessed that I still haven’t finished anything! In a weird move, I almost abandoned the Deathwing in favour of some Ultramarines that have been kicking around for a long time – in part following last week‘s update, where I looked back at the first painting progress blog and noticed the Razorback still hasn’t had any work done on it, and also after seeing some Ultramarines a chap had painted up at my local GW from the Betrayal at Calth stuff.

Hobby Progress 11

In the interests of not biting off too much at any one time, I picked five of the marines from the ten-man tactical squad I built up back in November, and have currently done stuff to three of them. Er, yeah. I’ve drybrushed and washed them, then picked out the gold, silver and black details on them so far, but I’m already struck with a little nervousness over getting them finished. More on this shortly.

Hobby Progress 11

I’ve also been working on the famous assault squad – famous because it’s taken so long for me to do anything with these guys! They’ve been built up for close to a year now, which is alarming in itself. To start with, I’ve done the silver and black details on the rest of them – for some reason, I’d only done some bits on one or two marines before stopping last time. I’ve also re-based them onto 32mm bases, to keep them in line with the others. Back when I built these guys up, I don’t think they’d invented 32mm bases, so that was a bit of hassle. But they do look a little better when seen side by side with the others.

I’ve been finding it hard-going with these guys though – and with the Deathwing terminators, too – because I feel like I’m at a stage now where they need those sorts of finishing touches that will really bring them alive for the tabletop, and I’m concerned it might be beyond my skills to get that level of detail on there. The eyes in particular are bothering me – when doing the White Scars a couple of weeks ago, I had some really poor luck in getting them neat, though you can’t really tell when you just see them on the table.

I usually find it difficult to get those final touches done to a model, which is why I think I find stuff like Necrons so much more amenable to paint as, by and large, they don’t really require anything like that to get them truly done.

At any rate, we have Easter coming up next weekend, so that’s four days off work, which will hopefully mean I can get more done for the week twelve update!

Speaking of next week’s update…

As you may have seen, Space Marines are turning 30 next month, and there are store-wide celebrations planned by Games Workshop on 16 April to mark the occasion. I’ve decided to mark the event in my own way by finally making good on a plan I began to hatch last month, and paint some marines in the Novamarines livery! I’ve already got five models primed and ready to go, so I’m hoping it won’t be all that much hassle to get started there, but I thought it’d be cool to have something like this going on. I’ve just posted about it in my local store’s hobby page on facebook, so we’ll see if anyone else has any similar plans (though we do have a painting event on 2 April, so it might not become A Thing).

So while I know I have lots of things fairly close to completion now, expect to see some new figures gracing the screen this time next week!

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