It’s the GAMA Trade Show!

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, and already we’re seeing some really exciting stuff coming out of Vegas! Come on in and take a look…

Exciting to see Games Workshop doing this sort of stuff, as the standalone boardgame thing gets going. Space Marines and Tyranids AGAIN, though? Hm.

Wow, didn’t see that coming. Given FFG’s current portfolio – what could possibly “not fit” in there? Could be interesting, I guess!

There was an article up on the website about this yesterday, and I’m pretty excited to see how they can automate the Overlord in particular. Descent is a really great game when played co-op, so I’m thrilled!

There’s a lot of Munchkin coming out of Steve Jackson Games, including this TCG. Even Eric Lang isn’t enough to make me interested, I have to say. I was hoping we’d have some more news on the Hellboy game that was mentioned at last year’s trade show, but nothing yet…

Flying Frog puts in a really strong presence for Shadows of Brimstone, with all the awesome new stuff that has somewhat been spoiled since Wave 1.5. Trederra is looking fantastic, I’m really looking forward to finally getting my hands on this! Having not picked up anything for this so far since the core set, I am going to have SO MUCH STUFF coming my way! I think I need to move to a bigger house in advance of this…

Of course, this came out the other day, but I realised I hadn’t featured it on my blog yet. I’m really excited for this anyway, been playing a lot of the first game recently, so looking forward to seeing what the next game brings!


When it was first announced on the kickstarter campaign, Trederra kinda got lost for me among the other awesome stuff coming out. However, seeing all of this stuff now for Shadows of Brimstone, I’m getting so excited to explore this Other World! I’m actually feeling the urge to get some of this stuff early, despite having two copies of everything coming eventually!

Keep watching after Jason and Scott leave, as they have a Games Workshop rep talking about Lost Patrol and Blood Bowl! Awesome!


*More updates will follow as I notice them!

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