Enter the Dracoths!

Oh my goodness – this is so exciting!

I’ve just come across these photos on facebook about the upcoming Stormcast Eternals release, Extremis, which is due for release 19 March I’d be guessing. A box of two dracoth riders similar to the Lord-Celestant from the core set, though with four different weapons options – hand crossbows, axes, glaives and hammers. I’m a bit bummed there are only two in the box, though £40 for the pair makes me feel better about getting two boxes, compared with the Varanguard (£60 for a box of three). Ah, the psychology of retail!

I’m really excited about these, and just had to make this little post to share it all! The photos come from a French forum here, so I’m not trying to claim credit for these, I just can’t quite contain myself about these chaps! Of course, it could be a little better – I mean, those dracoths look a bit too mono-pose, but even so, more options for my army is always to be welcomed warmly!

The original post in the linked forum discusses the following week’s teaser also, promising a dragon-rider and “warriors” of the Extremis Chamber, which makes me hope for even more plastic men coming for Easter!

I am so excited for these right now, I just can’t contain myself!!

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