Painting Progress: week 8

Week Eight of hobby progress is upon us, people! And to continue the theme established in recent weeks, this is going to be another pretty short update, unfortunately! That said, it is also a pretty important one, as it features the first properly finished models I’ve painted all year!

hobby progress 8

It’s the White Scars again – the models that I was painting for a competition at my local GW, but which, in the event, I didn’t get finished in time. Oh, the annoyance! I mentioned a couple of posts ago how much I’ve come to really dislike painting white, and I think this is what has made me so apathetic to getting them done. However, they’re now as complete as I think my skills can get them, so voilĂ ! The first finished miniatures of 2016! I am such a slow painter, and I also take a long time to get motivated into doing anything. I don’t think I’ll be doing any other White Scars in my life, though you never know what I might do!

The next painting competition is apparently going to be paint it black, though purple has also been mentioned. I’ve been thinking about doing some Stormcast Eternals as Anvils of the Heldenhammer, but also have a lot of purple ogres in varying stages of completion, so I hope I’ll have something completed in time for that one, anyway!

hobby progress 8

The only other thing I’ve done this week is to paint the fifth dwarf hammerer to go along with the other four that featured in the very first hobby progress blog – so now, at least, they can be fielded as a unit on the tabletop! I still want to do some bits to this one such as the face and maybe hair, and I’m also thinking about doing something fancy with the hammer, but for now, he’s done as much as the others have been!

We’re at the end of month 2, and while I’ve made some progress so far this year, it’s perhaps not as much as I’d have liked! I still have far too many kits in varying stages of completion, so I want to really get some kind of plan of action together here and tackle them.

By the end of March, I think I’m going to aim to have finished the Deathwing Terminators and Venerable Dreadnought, as those are models that I really love the look of, and feel that I should be okay to try picking up the details now, having done those of the White Scars. I also want to paint my Stormcast Eternal Protectors, if not the Lord-Castellant as well, because I want to try them out in the game. So while I still have loads of other space marines and Necrons and whatnot hanging around, I feel that if I concentrate on those two groups – one because I can then play games with them, and one because they should be really pretty (and can later play games with them, as well) – then I should have things a little more manageable. Well, that’s my theory, at least!!

hobby progress 8