Painting Progress: Week 7

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody!
It’s week seven of my painting progress, and time for another short blog as I run through the small amount of models I’ve put any paint on! Unfortunately, a theme has developed here in recent weeks, where I’m not really getting a lot of time to do a lot here. However, as promised at the beginning of the year, I’ll be doing a blog here whether I’ve done anything or not! Onwards!

Hobby Progress 7

So first, a little progress has been made on my White Scars. Following last week’s update, where they’d basically been brushed white over a pale blue wash, they’re now looking a lot more, well, White Scars-y. Red trims and golden bits, with silver and grey on the weapons, things are starting to come together. Which is good, considering they’re being done for a painting competition at my local GW this coming Saturday! Need to really try to pull out some stops to get these done! I’m actually thinking I might have to concentrate just on the one, rather than looking at getting the whole squad finished.

Unfortunately, they’ve started to really irritate me now! I think, on reflection, I might have been a bit too careless with the drybrush, leaving a grainy texture across the minis which, when I’m now coming to add in the details, means the paint isn’t applying cleanly. Very upsetting! But I’m getting annoyed that I can’t seem to finish these quickly enough, and have a lot of stuff that I want to get painted but don’t seem to have the time. I’ve noticed this particularly in doing the eyes, which really aren’t that great, but hopefully I can tidy them up in time.

Speaking of models I’d rather be painting…

Hobby Progress 7

I’ve been building more stuff this week, including three more Retributors and the Lord-Castellant! I know that the Retributors are excellent in the game, of course, and the Lord-Castellant has a useful effect for fighting Chaos, which seems to be a popular faction down at the local store… These guys are primed, anyway, and ready for some gold – soon! I’ve also built up four more Dryad models, as I’d like to field more of these – in fact, I’d like to work on the Treeman model I’ve had since 2014, and get a real sub-faction going for my army.

I’ve also been buying a lot of Tomb Kings of course, and had been tempted to build some of those, too, but at the minute they all remain in the boxes. Soon, however!

3 thoughts on “Painting Progress: Week 7”

  1. I agree with Mournival, white (and yellow) are pretty damned unforgiving but stick with it, they’re looking good from the pic.

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