Painting Progress: week 6

Hey everybody!
What an awful week – I’ve been really ill, hence the lack of any posts since my last painting update. Hopefully that’s all done now, however, so we can get back into the swing of things here!

However, this does also mean that this week’s progress update is going to be fairly small, as I’ve barely done anything!

Hobby Progress 6

I often enter painting competitions at my local Games Workshop store, even though I’m not all that good at painting these things. The upcoming “Paint it White” competition has got me wanting to try out some White Scars, which I have been interested in trying since at least the Warzone Damocles Kauyon book came out, if not earlier. White is famously a colour that a lot of painters call “difficult”, and being the glutton for punishment that I am, I can’t help but want to try these things! So, having bought the Space Marine Demi Company box, I thought I’d use the new assault squad minis to paint up in this way. (For my Ultramarines, I’m using the older assault squad, which I now realise doesn’t have all that much aesthetic difference as I’d thought it might).

I found this tutorial online before Christmas, so I’m trying to follow it as best I can. I’m currently at the stage whereby, having primed white and applied a wash of Fenrisian grey, I’ve sort of overbrushed the models with Ceramite white to give the armour that finish. They actually look pretty good in the flesh – I have no illusions about winning the competition, but I’m pleased with how they’re going so far, and looking forward to using them in upcoming games of 40k (once I learn how to play that!)

Hobby Progress 6

The only other thing to happen this week is the completion of four of the seven Stormcast Eternals I’ve been working at the week before. There are some bits and pieces here that I currently feel are beyond me – the pennant, and some parts of the reliquary staff – so I want to try and get into that painting groove I developed last summer, where I seemed to be churning out some pretty nice-looking models, then I might come back to these chaps. For now, however, I’m calling them done, and looking forward to seeing what the two banner-guys can do on the tabletop on Wednesday!

So yeah, a small update, but as I said at the outset with these painting blogs, I’m going to post here for 52 weeks of the year no matter what progress I’ve made. I’m hoping, over the summer, I might actually get to post a really mammoth update where I have all kinds of models done in a week, but that may be a distant dream for the time being…