New Forgeworld goodness!

Well, damn and blast! In December, I’d spent nearly £100 at Forge World in order to get one of those free shipping vouchers, thinking by the time I used it, the Legion army books would be back in stock. Well, I waited too long to use it – I eventually made my order yesterday, when only the Crusade Army List was in stock! Feeling a little deflated, I nevertheless bought it, along with a set of MkIV Despoiler Squad, and the Space Marine character conversion pack, specifically to get the prosthetic leg, which I think will look cool (I’ve also been reading The Flight of the Eisenstein, so yeah). I’m actually really intrigued by all the different Legion stuff available from Forge World, not least because I have something of a thriving 30k community at my local store.

Following the GW birthday bash at the beginning of January, Forge World had previewed some of their upcoming releases, among which were the Alpha Legion Headhunter upgrades. I really liked the look of these, and having decided to paint my Betrayal at Calth stuff as Alpha Legion, the stars had aligned, really. While I was hoping I could use the voucher on these, I’d pretty much given up and just used it. Then today, had an email with this all over it:

Forge World Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team


I’m actually planning to go back to Warhammer World at some point this year, so I suppose I’ll wait until then and make an order for delivery while I’m there. That’ll give me something to aim for later in the year, at least – because after all, I think I have more than enough little plastic men to be seeing me through!

But damn, those models look good!

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