Painting Progress: week 3

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody!
It’s the third blog of my painting progress series, and this week sees the trend of much smaller updates continue, unfortunately! Let’s take a look:

Hobby Progress 3

Yep, this is pretty much it! After picking up the Deathwing kits in the Black Friday deal, along with Dark Vengeance and some more bits, I spent a few hours over the Christmas period with these guys, but didn’t really get passed the Zandri dust basecoats. Well, that has finally been changing the last couple of weeks, as I’ve gotten them all painted in Ushabti bone, shaded with Seraphim sepia, and then drybrushed back with Ushabti bone. Drybrushing space marines does seem a little odd, perhaps, as the smooth armour panels perhaps beg for a different approach, but I think it works with these chaps in particular as it allows a buildup of the bone colour over the sepia that almost hints at a blend, but not quite. You can’t really see it on the picture above, sadly, but in the flesh, the do look pretty decent, even if I do say so myself!

Hobby Progress 3

The Venerable Dreadnought is a particular pride for me. I’d painted this guy up long before Christmas, using the above recipe, as well as a Leadbelcher/Abaddon Black mix for the metalwork, but I’d not had any idea what to do after the sepia shade had been applied, because that armour is even more smooth than the terminators’ – all those flat panels, eek! However, using almost an overbrushing, polishing action with the drybrushing, it has brought that bone colour back while leaving the hint of sepia beneath for depth. Again, the picture doesn’t really do it justice. I’ve also drybrushed the metal with Necron compound, and got really excited last night when I used Coelia greenshade to paint the “windows” on the sarcophagus. I think the “official” scheme for these uses Nihilakh oxide, but I had the idea of going for the almost bottle-green look to try and tie it into the green aquilas the terminators will have, and generally bring out more of a Dark Angels feel. I’m particularly pleased that my idea for leaving splotches in the shade as it dried has given the impression of old, less-than-perfect glass. Well, I think it has, at least. So overall, I’m pleased with this!

I think the dreadnought is deceptive in how much effort it will take to complete. Realistically, there’s just the plasma gun, the flamer, and then the golden trim and purity seals – that shouldn’t really take all that long to do. I think having done the glass, I can really begin to see the end in sight for this guy!

Hobby Progress 3

The only other thing I’ve done, hobby-wise, is build up three Electro Priests. I mentioned these in my best models of 2015 blog, and managed to get some with a bit of a discount a couple of weeks ago. My plan for these is to have some kind of charcoal-grey skintone, suggesting the idea of the priest being used up by the motive force or whatever, and then the robes being a brighter yellow colour. Such is the plan, anyway! I’m not about to go for another 40k army, however, but just want these guys as allies for my space marines. Whether I get a second box to build Corpuscarii priests as well will remain to be seen, however.

But that’s it for now, sadly! Most of this past week has been taken up with me worrying about an essay I have due next Thursday – though I only actually got round to starting said essay yesterday, having spent most of the week catching up with the course work itself. I blame Christmas. Anyway, it’s due Thursday, so I’m hoping that will mean I will have plenty of time to get more progress in ready for next week’s update!

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