More Fyreslayers!

It’s week three of the new Fyreslayers release, and this week sees the big Magmadroth kit released, along with the Battletome and a collection of short stories telling the tales of the new Slayers in the Age of Sigmar.


It’s a really exciting release day, for sure – that Magmadroth has had me all a quiver since the first pictures emerged over new year! Unfortunately, I’ve spent most of this month replacing water-damaged furniture following a leaky radiator, so have only picked up the Magmadroth itself. The battletome will have to wait for next weekend…

But what a kit this is! I haven’t actually built it yet, but in looking over the model, I have to say that I’m really impressed. It actually seems smaller than I was expecting, though that may change upon assembly. However, the most surprising thing, to me, was that the instruction booklet for how to assemble it not only has the full rules for the model(s), but also comes in full-colour and features a painting guide! Okay, so it’s not like the usual White Dwarf stuff, but merely a photograph with arrows pointing to specific bits, and a list of the colours and techniques used to achieve that look. I have to say, I’m really impressed with this bad boy. Hopefully we’ll see similar things for the big centrepiece models in the future, as well!

Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers

Next week would appear to be the final weekend in the Fyreslayer release window, though not for Age of Sigmar as a whole…

First up, we get two more heroes for the new faction, the Battlesmith (standard bearer) and Grimwrath Berzerker (company champion). The latter has some crazy rules whereby he never quite dies immediately, but the former has a rule that I think could be hilarious in practice. He’s a kind of bard as well as a standard bearer, and one of the things he can do is provide an inspirational presence to those duardin around him – by reciting tales of the ancestors. You just know I’ll be getting this model and, when I activate this ability, will start intoning some hilariously bad story from the long, long ago…!

Really looking forward to getting this force together as allies for my Stormcasts!

Also this week, we see a new Battletome for the Chaos Grand Alliance – it looks like a collection of all of the warscrolls that are currently freely available online for the existing Chaos models, though with background and new formations – though I could be wrong, and some scrolls could be altered? Anyway, for £20, it looks like it might be worth picking up – I do love some of the peripheral Chaos models like beastmen and dragon ogres, so I may well snag a copy…

The White Dwarf hint has something about Slaves to Darkness, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more Chaos stuff coming, then all rumours are pointing to a return to 40k the week after with Space Wolves, so at least February might be a little easier on my wallet!

There hasn’t been much time for painting this week sadly, due to degree commitments, but look for my painting update tomorrow regardless, with at least a smattering of Deathwing!

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