Exciting times!

Hey everybody!
It’s been an exciting week so far, let me tell you! Aside from the fact that I got the day off yesterday, I’ve been reading a lot of comic books and playing more games, so definitely worth the title of “exciting times”, I’d say!

Finished the third #HorusHeresy novel – my goodness! That galaxy really IS in flames! #Warhammer40k

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To start with, let’s look at the third book in the Horus Heresy series. I’ve already mentioned the first two, here and here, so it’s nice to have now finished the opening trilogy and see where I go from here. Anyway. False Gods left the Sons of Horus on the path of Chaos, firmly under the sway of Erebus, first chaplain of the Word Bearers. Galaxy in Flames follows on a little later, as we see the Warmaster wreak utter havoc, with his allies from the Emperor’s Children. In fact, it seems like a lot has somehow happened off-screen, as we learn Horus has been sounding-out his brother Primarchs. The main bulk of the story, however, consists of the massacre at Isstvan III, where Horus ruthlessly attempts to remove any elements from the legions that may oppose his plans to supplant the Emperor. (Spoiler alert: this includes Loken and Torgaddon, and it doesn’t end all that well…)

I really liked this book, though at the same time it was pretty difficult to get through. The massacre on Isstvan III doesn’t go according to plan, and becomes a siege, which is pretty heavy-going all round. Overall, the whole galaxy ends shot to pieces as we see the Sons of Horus fractured, the Emperor’s Children purged of any loyalists, also the World Eaters and Death Guard. The latter don’t get as much screen time as the others, though we are introduced to Nathaniel Garro, who becomes a much more central figure through a series of audio dramas, I believe. We also get the set-up for the next book as (spoiler alert again) the three remembrancers manage to escape the Vengeful Spirit and the massacre of their colleagues.

Heresy fans will be chomping at the bit for the infamous Dropsite Massacre, which is set up on Isstvan V in this book also. This takes place in the fifth book, I believe…

So yeah, things are shot to hell!

The Flash

After almost a year’s hiatus, I finally got round to reading the second volume in the New 52 Flash series, Rogue’s Revolution! As I mentioned when I read the first book, I love the Flash as a character. I honestly don’t really know why, but anyway! The New 52 series has effectively re-set the DC universe, which has gone through a further twist last summer. But anyhow, Rogue’s Revolution, collecting issues #9-#12 and some other bits, moves through issues focusing on the villains Grodd and Weather Wizard, before then following a storyline showing the Rogues being reunited under Captain Cold’s astral-projecting sister. It’s a bit strange, though I did like seeing the story move forward from the first volume (pun intended!). It was cool to see classic Flash villains like the Trickster and Heatwave, too. And Mirror Master! One of my favourites from back in the day. The other stories in here are a bit, I don’t know, unnecessary? #0 explores the murder of Flash’s mother, and seems very much tacked-on to the end there. The main part of the book was good, however, and I’m looking forward to getting on with the series!

I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of DC lately – watch out for something linked coming in next week’s game day blog!

Anyway, since reading those two things, I’ve moved on to the novelization of The Force Awakens, so look out for a blog on that one soon!

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