Painting Progress: Week 2

Hey everybody!

Another week is done, and I’ve made some very small progress with the models I’ve got on the go. In fact, part of me is wondering just what I did last week, considering the progress we’re talking here!

Hobby Progress 2

Last week was pretty much all about the chaplain for my Alpha Legion. I’ve done some silverwork on the razorback, and painted three Deathwing terminators with Ushabti bone, so they’re progressing along.

Hobby Progress 2

The chaplain model from Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth has really begun to take shape, however. I can’t really call him Kurtha Sedd, because I’m not painting them as Word Bearers, but I’m really enjoying how this chap is turning out. I’ve done all of the silver bits, and the golden crozius arcanum, but I’m most impressed with the plasma pistol. For the record, I’ve never tried painting one of these before, but have found myself assembling a lot over the recent weeks and months, so decided to really try and get it nailed here. While it’s still work-in-progress, I’m pleased with how it looks so far – having Ushabti bone on the palette, I based the plasma coils in that, then painted some watered-down Temple Guard blue over them, and it looks pretty good. I still need to do some stuff to it, but for a very first attempt…yeah!

I’ve also done tiny, tiny details on some other models that I’ve had on the go for a while. The Genesis Chapter terminators have had their weapon casings painted blue, and the eyes green, and I’m going to call them finished now. The Ultramarine terminators have had some very small bits done – drybrushed and shaded, nothing too special, though I have started to tackle the bare face of the sergeant. I’m really concerned about painting faces like this, so will be taking some time over that one. And finally, some details on the Knight-Vexillor and the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth. I’m not happy with how the dracoth has turned out, if I tell the truth, in fact the entire model has become something of a bane for me, but I’m not quite giving up yet. The knight-vexillor is now at the stage where the prosecutors were left off back in September, so I’m hoping to tackle them all next, anyway.

Overall, despite there being only a small amount of progress, I’m happy that progress has been made, all the same. While last week had seen significantly more, I’m going to expect a lot more weeks will be small updates like this, anyway.

That’s all for now, anyway – hopefully next weekend’s blog will be a lot more interesting!