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Hey everybody!
It’s Sunday, 10 January, and I’m ushering in a new regular slot into my blog with this, a kind of motivational thing to keep me going painting the multitude of stuff I have going on right now! I’ve seen a tremendous idea floating around facebook, seemingly sanctioned by Games Workshop, to promote hobby motivation in getting models painted etc, so thought I’d try a bit of that too!

Motivation is something that I frequently lack, certainly when it comes to painting miniatures. I love seeing my models finished, even if the paint job isn’t going to win me any golden demons anytime soon, but building miniatures has always been the aspect of the hobby that I enjoy the most, so getting from that to the end result tends to be a really long slog. Indeed, I’ve got miniatures that have been built up since the summer last year and haven’t yet been painted!

While I doubt this will stop me from buying and adding to the pile of plastic waiting for paint, I’m hoping that it will nevertheless help me to focus on getting stuff finished by keeping a focus on getting somewhere, as I check out my progress every week. Hopefully it’ll be fun for you to read along as well, and see what I’ve been up to or whatever!

So I’m calling this the end of week one of 2016, and I’ve done quite a bit, even if I do say so myself! To start with, I’ve built up a lot of things.

Over the new year weekend, I built up some of the Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth stuff – the Cataphractii Terminators, because I still have a thing about terminator models, along with the Contemptor Dreadnought and Kurtha Sedd. I’d actually built the latter up on New Year’s Eve, along with the Forge World Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought, so that was a fairly productive evening! Across last week, I also built up five Dwarf Ironbreakers, and five Irondrakes, having seen a model painted and thought, “that looks great!” On Saturday, I popped into my local Games Workshop and picked up a second box of Dwarves, the Hammerers kit, and then built five of those guys up, as well! So it was a pretty busy week for building!

In addition to this, I suppose I should point out that I currently have 48 kits that are in varying stages of completion, from just undercoated to some kind of paint job going on there.

Hobby Progress 1

So I’ve had a really productive week for building, but also for painting! Nine models have had some paint applied, four of which I would actually call finished! I’m so very impressed with myself right now!

To start with, the Dwarf Hammerers. These guys were super easy to do, following a method I’d found online (my local store has a hobby group facebook page, which has proven really handy!) Simply painted all over with leadbelcher, then some details picked out in warplock bronze, the beards painted with celestra grey, the faces painted in Bugman’s glow, and the hammer handle painted in thunderhawk blue. Shade everything with Nuln oil, and job done! They’re also so very adorably cute! I’ve specifically gone for the hammerers to kinda back-up my Stormcast Eternals, and they look like miniature Retributors, which I think is hilarious!

I’m really pleased to be painting more Deathwing Terminators! I started that project over Christmas, and got so far before feeling a little intimidated in trying to replicate the actual paint job, so kinda abandoned it all. However, I really want a Deathwing force, so decided to return to it on something of a smaller scale, and put some base coats on the company champion and the apothecary – for some reason, I love the look of the latter, and hope that I can really pull that off! I suppose we’ll see. Kurtha Sedd is also coming along nicely, too! I have already mentioned that I’m doing Alpha Legion, of course, so I suppose I can’t really call him Kurtha Sedd, but anyway! My Legion Chaplain is coming along nicely, I guess! That’s simply Sotek green washed with Drakenhof nightshade, with some celestra grey on the cloak and crest. I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with the rest of it, though obviously we’ll be seeing some silver detailing to the armour, if nothing else. The cloak will need something doing to it – I was considering a wash with Coelia greenshade, but that may make him look too turquoise-y overall. Hopefully next week’s update will have something awesome!

I’m going to gloss over the razorback, because I basically sprayed it with Macragge blue and that’s all I’ve done to it! I’ve been a bit hesitant to use the spray since I painted the terminators with it and it seemed to blister on at least one. However, it’s gone on really smooth here, so I also sprayed the ten-man tactical squad I built up back in November, or whenever it was, so that is more progress I suppose!

So finally, we have the Knight-Vexillor, something I built up in September, I think, and have had undercoated but nothing more! I’ve only done the gold basecoat, along with some detailing on the standard itself, so he’s ready for some agrax earthshade, but I’m happy to see some more Stormcast progress! I’ve still got a lot of little metal men to paint for my Lions of Sigmar, so need to get a move on there. I’m hoping I can get him done up to a point, then use him to finish off the Prosecutors I’ve had half-finished since September, as well.

It’s definitely an exciting time, I can’t deny! Let’s hope I can keep making progress as the months go on!

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