Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody!

Hope your 2016 has gotten off to a fine start! For me, I’ve had a quiet one so far, largely due to feeling rough after a week-long cold. I’ve slowly been getting back into painting though, which is good considering the amount of plastic that I’ve accumulated around myself of late! Building miniatures has always been the part of the hobby that I enjoy the most, of course, but I’ve currently got upwards of 50 models in various stages of completion. So I’ve been slowly working on some bits from last year, most notably the Ophidian Archway. Last time I mentioned this beast, I’d been trying to achieve something of a stone look with subtle tones that showed how the monsters can come to life in-game, but it hadn’t worked out so I just left it as a sepia wash drybrushed with stone. Now, however:

Age of Sigmar Ophidian Archway

I’ve gone all-out and painted the creatures metal. The three-headed serpent here was painted in Balthasar Gold, shaded with Agrax Earthshade, and drybrushed with Runelord Brass. I’m thinking I may go for some Nihilakh Oxide to give it some age, and also want to try picking out the eyes to still give that impression they can be brought to life. The prawn-guy on the right was done in Screaming Bell, shaded with Reikland Fleshshade, and drybrushed with Hashut Copper and Runelord Brass. He still looks freaky, but I’ve grown to like him enough now that it isn’t really an issue. There are also some bits on the other side that I’ve picked out with Retributor Armour, but it still looks a bit much to me. While I like new shades and whatnot, I always thought that really yellow gold was just a step too far, insofar as it doesn’t really seem to need anything more doing to it – it’s a finished colour right out of the pot, almost. Well, anyway!

I’ve also been fiddling with these chaps. The colour scheme I have gone for is Lions of Sigmar, which is an old-gold sort of look, rather than that shining yellow of the Hammers of Sigmar (the standard Studio scheme, think of it as the Ultramarines of AoS), with purple bits rather than blue. However, when I painted them, I had no reference for how to paint things like the plumes of any of the Primes, or the wings of the Prosecutors, as the only model I’d seen in the scheme was a standard Liberator. Well, flicking through the battletome for the Stormcast Eternals, there’s a miniatures gallery that includes a Judicator-Prime in the Lions scheme, and the plumes are done in a blue colour, so I’ve basically gone back and re-painted all of them to match!

Personally, I’m really pleased with the look, and I’m thinking I might move on to the next batch of Prosecutors soon. The ones that were also started back in September, but haven’t progressed very far since!

I’ve done a whirlwind look around my house to see exactly how many miniatures I have in varying stages of completion, and I’m actually quite shocked! To start with, I have 45 completely unassembled kits (not including three scenery kits). As for assembled and primed, twelve kits; and for partially-painted, another twelve. On top of that, I’ve got two army boxes – Space Marines demi company, and the Necron Tomb Awakened box.

Crikey, I’ve got my work cut out for me!

However your new year has started, I hope it’s a wonderful 2016 for you all!