2015 in review

Hey everybody!
It’s that time of the year again, when everybody is taking a look back over the last twelve months, so I thought I’d best join in and do a small retrospective here, too!

It’s been a fun year, if a little unexciting in parts. I’ve published 184 blogs on this site during 2015 (this one makes 185), taking a look at new games, old favourites, movies and comics and books, along with a bit of travel thrown in. In somewhat-chronological order, then, here are some of my own favourites from the past year:

D&D Week:
Adventures in the Underdark
Tales of the Drow
Back to the Dungeon

New Star Wars Comics

Escape from the Death Star

Indiana Jones!


My Neighbour Totoro

Warhammer World

Miniature Painting – one year on

Summer of Sigmar

The Force Awakens

So here’s my topĀ tenĀ blogs from the year (I’m taking D&D week as one entry)! As I said, a lot of fun and excitement has happened, including my one-year anniversary back in April.

There’s a lot more to come in 2016, so I hope to see you again next year!