My weekend off

Hey everybody!
It’s been a quiet weekend for me – I got caught up with all my degree work on Thursday, then just continued on and ended up doing the work for the rest of the month. As a result, I thought I’d have the weekend off before then starting to work on the essay that’s due early December. Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree…

So I’ve mostly spent the weekend fiddling around with little plastic men. I’ve had a whole multitude of projects on the go for a few weeks now – more Necrons and more Stormcast Eternals, along with my nascent Ultramarine force that I want to do a specific blog post on.

Necron Immortals

I’ve had these Immortals on the go for a while, my second squad with the tesla. However, it’s just taken me so long to make any real move with them. Well, this weekend saw that begin to change, as I added the shade, then the gold/brass to the pauldrons, along with painting the heads. So some real progress here!

This squad of Lychguard is harkening back to my very first build for the Necron army. I built up a box, three with warscythes and two with the sword/shield look, then bought a second box to make up five of each weapon option. In doing so, I wanted to get at least one of the shield guys actually using his shield, but it didn’t really happen. This time, however, I’m hoping to produce something that will look like an actual shield wall once it’s done. As with the last batch of Necron Lychguard, I like the fact that I’ve managed to get what should turn out to be really dynamic poses from these chaps. Looking forward to getting these finished, anyway!

On to Age of Sigmar!

Well over a week ago, I returned to the Stormcast Eternals with the Paladins kit. Having already gotten three Retributors in the base game, I thought I’d go for the Decimators option, with massive axes that allow the miniature to make one attack against each model in an enemy unit within range. Sounds pretty badass, I have to say! I finally got to paint these up yesterday – basecoats and shade, at least. I tried to do something different with the head of the thunderaxe, mixing a different pigment into the leadbelcher base – in this case, temple guard blue. It looked too subtle at first, but I think I went too far with it in the second coat, so it looks a little weird right now. However, I think if I paint a layer of ironbreaker or something, then glaze it with Guilliman blue, it might still work as I want. Stay tuned!

Age of Sigmar Protectors

Finally, I’ve built up a second box of Paladins as a squad of Protectors. I love these glaive weapons, and the rules that allow you to deflect ranged attacks by creating a spinning web sound pretty cool. Whether it has any sort of practical application will remain to be seen, but you never know!

I feel a little overwhelmed still, by having my dining table pretty much covered in models in various stages of completion, but at the same time it was nice to have the Necrons on the go, then have the very different Stormcast Eternals to work on alongside them. So maybe having a variety of models on the go, while potentially overwhelming, could at the same time be pretty useful for keeping me motivated and whatnot.

I also popped into my local GW store on Thursday and got talking about Age of Sigmar, which was really great as it seems there is a fairly devoted player-base in the store. Even better, it’s a player-base that emphasizes thematic play rather than anything else. So I’m frantically (as much as anything I ever do can be described as “frantic”) trying to get more models finished so I can join in there!

Stay tuned, folks!

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