A quiet week

Hey everybody!
It’s been a fairly quiet week for me, where not a lot has happened due to being embroiled in stuff with work. Lots of late nights, and as a result I’ve not really had much time for the exciting stuff that life has to offer. Unfortunate, but these things can’t be helped I suppose. Work, after all, funds this life of awesome, and so we soldier on!



However, while not playing any games this week, I did buy the new Thunderbirds co-op game that was released after a successful kickstarter campaign. It looks good, though I think the enthusiasm of my local store’s manager might have more to do with my purchase than anything else! Back in the early 90s, the BBC repeated the iconic 60s show, and the enthusiasm of my dad kinda made a fan out of me then – though I was always more of a Captain Scarlet fan if I’m honest. Wonder if they’ll make a board game out of that one day… Anyhow, I haven’t actually played it yet, though hopefully will soon, whereupon I’ll obviously be bringing it to blog-form here!

I only went into the store to buy a paintbrush, as I’ve been slowly getting back into Warhammer and whatnot! After something of a hiatus from painting towards the end of the summer, I’ve found it difficult to get motivated into doing anything, if I’m honest, something I mentioned last weekend. I have been slowly working on the Necron Night Scythe, which has had most of the base colours blocked-in on the chassis, though has been sat all week with no further progress made. Despite this, I’ve been building up more models, including the Tesseract Ark from Forge World – another exciting model there, the process vaguely reminiscent of last year’s Tomb Stalker!

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Currently, this chap is primed and ready, though obviously still in bits due to the complexity. I’ve also been playing around with the idea of doing something with space marines again, so now have all five of the assault squad built up (can’t believe it was Easter when I started looking at these!) I’m still building and priming where the weather allows, as I want to have enough stuff to see me through the winter, where I hope to recapture my painting skills! We shall see, anyway.

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