Age of Sigmar, week 11

Wow, eleven weeks of Sigmar! Never thought I’d see the day. Well, I suppose I kinda did, but anyway. We’ve had lots of shiny new stuff for nearly three months now, but it seems the releases are indeed winding down now, as we move back, presumably into 40k.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

This weekend has seen just two models released for my beloved Stormcast Eternals, the Knight-Heraldor and the Knight-Vexillor. They look like pretty decent models to paint up, so I’ll likely be getting round to them before too long.

Up next are more Khorne releases – two single models, and another batch of repackaged figures. As I’m staying away from Chaos, my wallet breathes a sigh of relief at this! While I was on the way back from picking up my models at the local store this morning, however, I started wondering when we’ll likely be seeing the next round of Age of Sigmar releases. I mean, I assume we’ll be getting some Tzeentch at some point? We’ve had a lot of Nurgle in the re-releases, and the Skaven (who seem to be substituting for Slaanesh) have also had a decent raft. Khorne still appears to be the vanguard Chaos god, but nothing from the Lord of Change? Maybe we’ll have a smaller release window later in the year, with more figures for Order? Or there may be a whole other plan going on that I can’t fathom at this point? Hm.

Anyway, this week’s White Dwarf is, unsurprisingly, gore-tastic with all the Khorne stuff. While the new Skullgrinder looks hilarious, waving a flaming anvil around, the Slaughterpriest just looks a bit silly, if you ask me. There’s a great Armies on Parade feature, though.

What I’ve been working on

This week has been pretty slow for painting, as I’ve been really busy in work. I’ve done the gold armour on the new Prosecutors and the Judicators, as well as the Lord Relictor, but haven’t actually made any further headway there. The main thing is, I’ve been painting up the Ophidian Archway! Painting is a loose term here, as I’ve just been slathering it in Seraphim Sepia, which doesn’t really feel like painting, but still:

The dragon-like chap on the right has been particularly problematic for me, I have to say. Initially, I’d wanted to paint the creatures on this model a slightly different colour, to represent the fact that, in the rules, heroes can attempt to bring the creatures to life. However, using Fuegan Orange to shade the guy left me with something vaguely prawn-like. Not a particularly fearsome creature, but the effect just didn’t look right whatsoever. So I’ve drybrushed the whole thing and it has helped somewhat, but I’m still not really a fan. Need to have a think about what I’m going to do next for my Numinous Occulum…

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

3 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar, week 11”

  1. It looks like there is a Bloodthirster next week then a month of Tau for 40k. I reckon coming up to Christmas we’ll see more Age of Sigmar, perhaps with a more classic race (orcs?) seeing an update. There is still the AOS board to release for instance.

    I am glad (if you know what I mean…) you are struggling with your archway too, I found mine a dog to paint. Like you, I am now really wary about painting my Numinious Occulum as I don’t know what I want it to look like.

    1. A month of Tau is precisely what my wallet needs at this point! I’ve really fallen behind with the models, though, so hopefully I can catch up while that’s all going on. I hope we do see some more Sigmar soon, as I kinda like all of this stuff, even though I still hear so many complaints about the game as a whole.

      No, I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been considering just moving on to the Occulum and seeing if that will help me get some sort of inspiration for finishing the Archway. So many people have done an amazing job with theirs, I feel a bit down about the whole thing, if I’m honest! But right now, three Prosecutors and five Judicators (and a Lord-Relictor) won’t paint themselves!

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