The Grey Havens

It’s time for a Game Day Extra, guys!

I am thrilled to see the news go up this evening of a new deluxe expansion for Lord of the Rings LCG – The Grey Havens! After having been part of the playtesting group for the last cycle, it’s actually really exciting not to know what’s coming next!

So this box, and the following Dream-chaser cycle, explore a nautical theme in Middle Earth, as we go on a quest to the ruins of Númenor! Awesome!

We get to choose a ship to sail, which almost acts like a fourth hero, adding an area-effect as well as the usual stats such as bolstering each hero’s attack strength, or allowing you to draw one extra card per phase. Even with these two examples, it’s nice to see how each ship could be seen to fit a particular sphere (tactics and lore, respectively), despite being Objective cards and, therefore, essentially neutral.

Ships interact with enemy ships, and something called a Sailing test is hinted at. It all seems pretty amazing, and while I remain stoked for the remaining quests of the Angmar Awakened cycle, I’m super-excited to get my hands on this next box in the fourth quarter!!!

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