Painting the Age of Sigmar!

(Originally posted on tumblr) I’ve been able to make some real progress with painting the Age of Sigmar starter box since the weekend, so thought I’d share that progress here (as I feel quite pleased with myself, and want to show off!)

Age of Sigmar

I’m pretty chuffed, anyway – it feels like ages since I’ve actually painted something new like this – ordinarily I buy stuff and it goes on the pile, to be looked at “later”, but I’ve been really fired up for this since painting the free Liberator just over 4 weeks ago in the Lions of Sigmar colours.

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And here he is, finished! #Warhammer #AgeOfSigmar

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It’s a fairly simple scheme of Balthasar Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade, and drybrushed with Griffon Gold. The purple bits are done in Naggaroth Night and then kinda overbrushed with Xereus Purple. The silver bits are the usual Leadbelcher/Nuln Oil/Runefang Steel job, and the scrollwork has all been done in Zandri Dust and washed in Agrax Earthshade – I think officially it then uses Pallid Wych Flesh to highlight or somesuch, but I like the look of the shaded base only, so have left it. The top of the shield is run over with Gehenna’s Gold, just to try to mark it out from the rest of the mini. The most difficult parts of the whole starter set have undoubtedly been the relief on the Liberator shields, though I think I’ve got there in the end!

These models are just awesome, I have to say, and I’ve really enjoyed painting them up over the last few weeks, no matter how slow progress has been! Age of Sigmar has really got me interested in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, no matter how different that setting now is, so whatever problems the game itself may have, there is at least some good to be ascribed.

I’ve also recently finished up the Dryads from the newly-renamed Sylvaneth faction:

Age of Sigmar

These guys were a whole ton of fun to paint up! I’ve gone for the winter scheme, which I feel has come out really well – I particularly like the frozen-mud effect on the bases, even if I say so myself! It’s a really simple scheme of Dryad Bark base (what else?), with a drybrush of Russ Grey and Fenrisian Grey. The leaves are done in Celestra Grey, washed with Coelia Greenshade, and drybrushed lightly with Administratum Grey. The bases are done with Stirland Mud and drybrushed with Praxeti White for the finish.

Going to paint some more of these guys soon, and hopefully I can enter them into a painting competition at my local Games Workshop!

Now that I’ve almost finished the starter set (I have no interest in painting Chaos, and the Lord Relictor looks too silly for me to do anything with just yet), I’m thinking of moving onto some of the new models. Possibly Judicators, possibly Protectors. I’d told myself I wouldn’t be doing anything with them before the starter set kits were finished, anyway.

What a great time to be a miniatures painter!

Age of Sigmar