Miniature Painting – one year on

Hey everybody!
If you’re anything like a regular reader of this amazing blog, not only are you wonderful, but you’ll also have a pretty decent idea that I like to paint Warhammer miniatures. Well, that whole thing started one year ago today – I know, it seems like much longer!

To “celebrate”, I’ve built a Dryad, which I’m intending to paint up at some point over the course of this week, but I thought I’d share some other pictures of the stuff I’ve been doing over the past twelve months. I haven’t taken the time to count every last mini, unfortunately, but I’m guessing it’s over a hundred of the blighters.

Anyway – enjoy!

Beast of Nurgle Daemon Prince Necron Lychguard Necron Tomb Stalker IMAG1804 IMAG2084 Warhammer Spirit Hosts Necron Immortals Age of Sigmar


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Work on the Prosecutor continues! #Warhammer #AgeOfSigmar

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