Warhammer Quest!

Warhammer Quest

Alongside Runebound 3 and Fury of Dracula, Warhammer Quest was announced as a new game for Fantasy Flight for the coming year. An adventure card game for 1-4 players and set in the Old World (that is, pre-End Times), I was all over this like zombies on brains. Why? Well:

Scorch your foes with fireballs as a Bright Wizard, let your grudges fuel your axe strokes as an Ironbreaker, unleash flurries of arrows as a Waywatcher, or invoke Sigmar’s blessings as a Warrior Priest. Whichever hero you become, you’ll gain access to four powerful talents that you’ll need to utilize efficiently along your journey. If you survive long enough, you’ll even be able to improve your talents, advancing them and pairing them with the items you find along your way.

I mean, it sounds almost exactly like the sort of RPG-in-a-box that I love! More so, it sounds like FFG’s Warhammer Fantasy RPG re-envisioned as a card game. Very exciting times, let me tell you!

There was, of course, a massive board game back in the day called Warhammer Quest, published by Games Workshop, and featuring a horde of miniatures. A sort of dungeon-delving adventure like Descent, I hadn’t really come across it until it was mentioned as a comparison to Shadows of Brimstone. At any rate, it sounds awesome!

Warhammer Quest

A dungeon-crawl card game, you reveal locations to travel there, but also enemies you must fight through. It sounds a lot like Lord of the Rings, but in more of a prescribed manner. That isn’t a bad thing, of course, given how much I love that game, but there are significant differences such as essentially leveling-up your hero as you progress. It could be a fantastic experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on this when it arrives later in the year.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest!”

  1. So exciting! Spent countless hours playing the board game when I was a kid – hope this can capture the same spirit.

    Makes me want to dig out my old whq box and give it a spin today…

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