Gen Con 2015!

Gen Con 2015 has begun! While it’s still early hours for the best four days in gaming, the tweets have already started!

Announced just last week, Fury of Dracula is coming in the fourth quarter in a new edition.

Kingdom Death was a kickstarter from years back with beautiful minis, but never seemed to get anywhere and, while I hadn’t backed it, I still kinda lost interest. Finally on its way? That’ll make for some very happy backers!

If you’ve been following this on Geek & Sundry, you’ll know it’s a pretty amazing series so far!

Update: Fantasy Flight in-flight report:

Still not really all that interested in this one, I have to say. I have the first edition LCG stuff that I’m pretty happy with, and will no doubt play with for a long time to come, so it’s a bit unnecessary for me at this point. But I’m sure others will enjoy it – if this selling-out is anything to go by!

New for Descent: Mists of Bilehall! Sounds gross, but more Descent is good!

More for Eldritch Horror – this looks amazing! Mountains of Madness was one of my most-exciting games from last year at Gen Con, and it looks like FFG are doing it again now!

Well this is interesting – “as big as the original game”??? Good grief, I need to find Imperial Assault players, and fast!

X-Wing Imperial Assault Carrier

The first of the new X-Wing announcements, and a second big ship for the Imperials. Interesting – though I can’t help feeling they’re scraping the barrel a little with what they can provide. We’ll see how it pans out in the official previews and whatnot, anyway.

X-Wing Wave 8

Wave 8 is here, and Wave 7 isn’t even out (properly) yet! Looks to be following a similar pattern as well, with help for the Scum faction while still supporting the older two. Punishing One looks fun, though, and kinda ties in with the Dengar villain pack shown in the Imperial Assault pic…

Warhammer Quest

Well, THIS looks like fun! I was hoping FFG hasn’t seen the last of Warhammer Fantasy, and lo! We get something that looks unutterably amazing! I never played the original board game, but am extremely excited to get my hands on a card game set in the Old World once more!

Runebound 3rd Edition

So it looks like this is the big reveal of Gen Con 2015! Runebound 3rd edition is something I’ve long thought was a dead-in-the-water idea, but the guys at FFG have proven me wrong, and with style, no less! Very interested in what this will play like when I get my hands on it.

…because I will be getting it, you can guarantee that! Check out the official preview over on their website, then join me in waiting with mounting anticipating for the Christmas release!

So it looks like this will be launching with a bang. In fact, I’m kinda dreading this Christmas, if Runebound/Eldritch Horror/Imperial Assault expansions are due out, and then whatever FFG have got cooking to tie into The Force Awakens! My guess is some sort of X-Wing-like game. I don’t think they’ll have mere expansions for the existing game, though they might be cross-compatible. But given they’ve said X-Wing has been their most successful game ever, it’d follow they’d try to emulate that, but perhaps with a new flavour for the new movie. I’m guessing we won’t really see anything spoiled before release, as is their usual MO, however…

And finally – the new quest for Lord of the Rings!! Looks like they won’t be continuing the theme from last year, by providing a tie-in Saga quest, but still sounds cool enough:

So there you have it – some really excellent reasons to be excited for board games for yet another year from FFG. Also reasons why you should probably look at selling organs now…

Still looking forward to Ghostbusters arriving in October (fingers crossed!) Haven’t really been seeing much come out of Cryptozoic that I feel a desperate urge to own, however. I was hoping we might see some more news on the Cerberus games – maybe a Street Fighter expansion, finally? But nothing – yet!

Haven’t seen anything from Flying Frog Productions yet, though they were late to the e-party last year as I recall. However, this has popped up on boardgamegeek – I hope it’s not a dreaded promo card for Dark Gothic! There’s also some cool new info on further Shadows of Brimstone goodness that we can hopefully expect not too far down the line.

And finally (for now) – take a look at this. Warhammer Age of Sigmar is being displayed! Games Workshop outreach to the community at last! Can’t really see anything new (new terrain that goes on pre-order tomorrow, but nothing big enough to discern otherwise), but it’s still good to see the company take part in such a big gaming event!

Update: Two Days In

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Some more pictures of Shadows of Brimstone stuff have been trickling through the internets, and while I’m still a bit bummed by the miniatures quality, in a weird way I’m glad that it’ll all fit with the base games. They’ve released two new monster groups at GenCon, Hell Vermin Rats, and Swamp Slugs of Jargono. A lot of people seem annoyed that they’ve been working on non-kickstarter stuff, but I’m pretty ambivalent at the minute, as I didn’t get on the Wave 1.5 train so I’m just patiently waiting for one mahoosive delivery of stuff at some undetermined future date!

Descent Mists of Bilehall

Official FFG updates on a Saturday are the cornerstone of GenCon! Today, they’ve put up a preview for the upcoming expansion to Descent, Mists of Bilehall, which doesn’t come with new heroes but instead provides a lot of stuff for the Overlord, predominantly monsters! Yeah!

Descent Mists of Bilehall

And what awesome monsters! That red dude, the Bone Horror, is a particular favourite, it looks incredible! Three more Lieutenant Packs are also on their way, and taken together, a theme emerges around the lands of Waiqar the Undying, which ties in pretty nicely with the Undead faction that’s coming out soon for Battlelore! Nice!

Unfortunately, still nothing on a big box co-op expansion yet…

The folks over at Team Covenant have also been busy with a whole host of the new games that are for sale at Gen Con this year – take a look!

Blood Rage is another kickstarter I backed, due for release in October. Take a look at the awesome:

The weekend hits!

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is a game I recently mentioned as one I was aware of but hadn’t actually taken the time to look into. As it happens, it looks really amazing, and I feel like I need it in my life quite desperately! Certainly looking forward to getting this one!

I have no idea what these goblin figures are for, but I’ve come to love these chaps lately, so might even look at getting some!

Good to see Runebound being demoed, though I’m currently struggling to find opinions on how it plays. My quest will continue, however!

I’ve only played one game of Abyss, but it was pretty good. Great to see the game growing, with new mechanics that sound very interesting!

(This will be updated throughout the weekend, so feel free to keep checking in for more awesome stuff!)