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Hey everybody,
How’s your weekend been going? Mine has been decidedly quiet, just been moving on with the miniatures from the Age of Sigmar box. It’s weekend 3 in the release of new stuff, and this weekend has just seen the scenery arrive, alongside a very goofy cat miniature, all of which I’ve avoided for now – the Judicator archers have gone on pre-order, and I’m much more interested in getting some of those, so have pre-ordered two boxes already. Also, as I’ve been avoiding the Chaos miniatures and preferring a Destruction army to oppose the Stormcast Eternals, I’ve ordered some Minotaurs to go alongside my Ogres (sorry, Ogors) and the newly-purchased River Trolls.

I’ve built everything for the Stormcast Eternals save the Lord-Relictor, which looks like too much of a fiddly model at the minute. But painting has commenced on the dracoth, which I’ve decided to do in an albino scheme rather than the blue-green look that the GW studio use.

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Albino dracoth is coming o

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It was a bit of a worrying move for me at first, as I wasn’t convinced I was doing the right thing, but it’s now coming together with the armour having been basecoated, so I feel a little better now! Now I’ve just got the rest of the models to sort out…

I’ve been a bit surprised there hasn’t been a lot of interesting game news coming out of FFG lately – some previews for upcoming LCG packs, and a look at Wave VII for X-Wing has been about it. But then, GenCon is early this year, opening this coming Thursday! So hopefully there’ll be something a bit more exciting there. We have seen the announcement of a third edition of Fury of Dracula, one of these classic games that I played years and years ago with my gamer ex-girlfriend. I only played it once, and it was back when I was only just getting into games like this, so I wasn’t really all that sold at the time.

Rumours have suddenly flared up that this could signal a Runebound 3rd edition as well, though I’m not entirely convinced at this point. Mainly centred around an image from an artists folio website that shows he’s working on it, it might be very cool, but I doubt anything could make me part with 2nd edition. If it did get announced at GenCon, and it proved to be a strong game, then I might get it to go alongside 2nd edition, but I feel that the boardgame market has changed so much since Runebound was a thing, it probably wouldn’t be anywhere like the same game. But this is all speculation – let’s see what next weekend brings!

Despite the fact it’s been on the publisher website for months, I’ve only this weekend discovered Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games in the above video, and I have to say, it looks pretty interesting! They’re the ones responsible for Summoner Wars, one of my favourite card battle games, so I’m always interested in what they’re up to. It looks like another great card battle game, anyway, so I’m going to keep my eyes on this one for release!

So yeah, a quiet week all around really as we gear up for Gen Con starting on Thursday. I’ll be doing the usual collection of news and stuff as happened last year, so make sure you check back for that!

3 thoughts on “All quiet…”

  1. Albino Deacoth looks great, good choice.

    I am pumped for the Judicators too, but have promised myself I will only buy new Stormcast as I paint mine up, which is slow going.

    I did buy the scenery though, can’t wait to paint it.

    1. Thanks! Waiting for the weather to improve before I do any more work on it (that is, I’m being lazy again). I admire your willpower – I’m just glad that there aren’t more Stormcast Eternals due, just two more kits I believe then it’s onto Chaos. I also got the scenery, just need to pick it up from my local store, but it definitely looks fun to paint!

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