The Undead are coming!

Well, I am a very excited chap today! Not only do I now have a week and a half off work (just when the weather is set to turn bad…) but I’ve finally caught up with the awesome news from earlier this week regarding the upcoming expansions for Battlelore!


Battlelore is a game that I’ve only gotten to play once, but loved it – not least because I love the lore of the world. It’s a Terrinoth game, so set in the same world as my beloved Runebound, though it has the factions in common with Rune Age and other Terrinoth 2.0 games. I’ve talked about some of the expansions that have been announced for it before, such as the army expansions to the base game, as well as the standalone neutral chaps, which are all very exciting of course, though I still feel aggrieved about not getting to play the base game for ages!

The closest game to this is the aforementioned Rune Age, which I love and play as regularly as I possibly can. In it, the Waiqar the Undying faction are among my all-time favourite factions to play (though I think I’m still a Uthuk Y’llan at heart). There’s a lot of magic implied in the necromancer faction, which has made them the natural opposite to the Latari Elves I suppose, so it’s interesting to wonder if we’ll get those chaps for Battlelore next year, maybe. Folks have been crying out for more armies for this game pretty much since it began, so it would be nice to see that.

Part of me is also hoping that Battlelore expansions will pave the way for more Rune Age further down the line. Back in the day, Rune Age and Runewars seemed to almost co-exist as one was expanded then the other in an almost-leapfrogging manner. Runewars came with four fantasy races, and its expansion brought more troops; Rune Age was then expanded with those more troops and two new factions. While Runewars appears to have been superseded by Battlelore as FFG’s tabletop wargame in Terrinoth, I still hope a connection is made with the card game, and more stuff comes out in due course!


The fact that the expansion model looks like a wargame does worry me a little. Simply from a financial point of view, of course, I prefer having one boxed expansion rather than these multiple smaller things. I also prefer to have boardgame expansions in a solid box with all the bits kept within, not these plastic things that you have to destroy to open. It looked like Imperial Assault was going to follow this trend, while Descent certainly appears to have shifted to that sort of expansion model. It’s a bit worrying, as we see individual stuff like the Razorwings and the Mountain Giant coming out singly, but I suppose there’s no real requirement to get these things straightaway. For the completist collector, it’s a bit of a nightmare, but having so much awesome stuff coming out is nevertheless really exciting!

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