Painting Adventures!

Hey folks!
Inspired by the always awesome Roemer’s Workshop and his latest update, I want to share some of my own adventures with paintbrushes from the past weekend!

I’ve been working on an essay for the past week or so, and haven’t really had a lot of time for, well, anything, if I’m honest. It’s the final essay of the course I’m undertaking, and following an exam at the beginning of June, I’ll finish the second year of this part-time degree I’m doing! Anyhow. Over the course of the bank holiday weekend, however, I managed to work on some more Immortals for my Necron dudes!

While the Lychguard is still my favourite Necron kit, I’m really getting into just how much versatility you can get from the Immortals as well. I’m pretty pleased with the look of some of these chaps, though at least one of them proved to be really difficult to paint!

I was really impressed with how the base coats went on these guys, actually. I mean, most of the time they look nice and blocked-in, but still, I just wanted to share these pictures with you all!

Since I started painting Immortals back in, what, November, I’ve put a stripe on their foreheads in the manner of warpaint, just to try and give them some individuality. It actually started when I tried to paint in the central ‘flange’ of their heads and went all wonky. Anyhow! Since then, I’ve used different colours and tried to give it more of an actual paint-slapped-on look, and I’m really pleased with this batch! I used Squig Orange for it, which is actually a pretty nice colour, too!

Necron Immortals

I thought I’d get a bit of a showcase for the Immortals, showing how they’ve progressed from the Eshin Grey (back left), through the Zandri Dust (back right) and Altdorf Guard Blue¬†(front right – now with tesla!) to this weekend’s Squig Orange. The bases still need some attention, of course, but overall I’m pretty chuffed!

20 Immortals will probably keep me going for a while. I’m planning to build up a Doomsday Ark as a summer project, but I think next on my list is a third squad of Lychguard…