Birthday Week!

birthday week


Hey everybody, and welcome to day 365 of my blog! That’s right, this little corner of the internet has been overflowing with an abundance of awesome for one year – can you believe it? Well obviously you can – content this fabulous deserves to just keep on coming.

I’ve got a pretty special week lined up for you guys, anyway – there’s a theme week around one of the all-time classic movie franchises that will let me talk about board games, films, comics and novels, touching on virtually everything I’ve been doing on this blog over the last year. I’m also planning to have some more travel, but that’ll be at the end of the week. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure whether I’m going to be able to churn out any creative writing, which is a bit sad as it would really serve to highlight in the microcosm of a week what the last year has really been all about for me. You never know, however!

I have to admit, I honestly didn’t see myself in this position twelve months ago. I started this blog in a fairly bleak part of my life, where I had been feeling the need for a major change – career, location, whatever. It was partly done to provide a respite from this, something I could do to take myself away from trying to sort myself out, almost. I didn’t foresee it lasting very long, as I thought it would be just a transient thing while I was trying to make something of my life. Instead, I quickly learned that I really enjoyed just writing stuff here, though I still didn’t think I would last all that long – the novelty would wear off, and I’d go back to whatever it was that I used to do to pass the time (moving between facebook, twitter and email, mostly). The more I got into it, the more I enjoyed writing all this nonsense, and it became a fun thought, seeing how far I could potentially go with this thing. But I still didn’t think I’d be doing it very long.

Then I hit 100 posts within four months. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. I think that was the first time I really, seriously took stock of what I was doing here. It wasn’t just a half-assed thing I was doing to pass the time, but had developed a life of its own, with a structure (of sorts), and I’d somewhere along the line grown accustomed to generating new content – Tuesday Game Day being the biggest thing here, of course, but also weekend round-ups of game news, and the like.

I’d never really thought anyone would be interested in what I have to say, either, and the early days were a bit of a hazy, nebulous time where I didn’t really know who – if anyone – my audience was. I have some fairly wide-ranging interests, and seemed to only be generating interest when I made certain types of posts (food was the most popular, followed by travel – I know you’re interested…) But I was struggling to get into that ever-widening niche about which I am perhaps most passionate – tabletop gaming. By now, the board games category is my most-used, largely due to my weekly game blogs, but back then I often wondered why I was even bothering. But bother I did, and here I am today!

I am continually chuffed by the comments and likes I get – who’d’ve thought I have anything of interest to say?! But it’s an absolute delight to interact with the community here, and in so many ways makes the experience much more pleasant. So thank you to you all – I’m so glad you can derive some manner of satisfaction from what I’m doing here!

There doesn’t really remain much more to be said, beyond the fact that I’m looking forward to the future of – there are a few new things I’d like to explore with the space I have here, and if you’d like to see anything in particular here then please feel free to drop me a note to say so!

As to the theme for my Birthday Week – why, it’s Indiana Jones…

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