The Force Awakens – trailer 2

So I’m just gonna leave this here…

Just in case you’d forgotten, here’s the first trailer from way back in November…

While a large part of me is still disappointed they couldn’t be more original than sticking with the Empire, which essentially makes the struggle of the original trilogy kinda pointless, I’m still pretty excited for a new movie. And who knows, maybe we’re in for some kind of hilarious twist where the Empire and the former Rebels are actually as-one in the face of this Sith-relic-hunting chap (if that is indeed the storyline).

The Force Awakens

The news out of Anaheim is that this is our new Big Three, which goes a long way to explain why John Boyega is a stormtrooper with a fondness for removing his helmet, and could potentially support the idea of there being some sort of truce/cross-working between the good guys and the formerly evil guys. Or else, he starts out a stormtrooper and deserts. Or is some kinda covert-ops guy.

Basically, I have no clue. But it’ll be interesting to see.

I still think they’ve set the bar by removing so much EU awesome. Over to you, Disney…

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