Learning 40k, and other sundries

Hey everybody!

Hope you’ve all been having a tremendous weekend – especially filled with lots of tabletop awesome yesterday, of course! I only managed one game yesterday, unfortunately, though it involved Runebound, so that’s always great! I have the intention to play at least one game today as well, so we’ll see how that goes.

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

We’ve been seeing some interesting stuff coming out of Fantasy Flight lately – at least, to me it’s interesting! The new Force and Destiny RPG looks fantastic, and while I love the galactic fringe, I’m really feeling inspired by the way FFG have been infusing this idea of Jedi-in-hiding and such throughout their LCG so far. A new adventure book has been announced already, which seems almost tailor-made for integrating into either of the other two Star Wars RPG lines, provided of course that you have a Force sensitive character among your party. I particularly like the idea of seeing relics of the Clone Wars era, which is something I thought was nicely-implemented in the new Darth Vader ongoing series from Marvel. The book isn’t due until the third quarter (so, Christmas!), and of course we have yet to see the core rulebook released, but it introduces an interesting possibility for the game as a whole, and I’m excited for it.

Star Wars role playing games are something that I really enjoy a lot, and while I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the new one from FFG, it still excites me to see new content for it, if only to provide something interesting to read!

Descent Dark Elements

FFG have also released¬†a third co-op scenario expansion for Descent, Dark Elements. I played the first one last year, and the second a week or so ago, and can highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, really! What’s particularly exciting about this third one is that it uses stuff from the expansion Labyrinth of Ruin. Expansions for expansions are rare in the board game world, as returns are assumed to be smaller due to the dependent nature of the beast. However, given that the Descent co-op expansions use the in-house manufacturing process, I kinda hope that they’ll produce a slew of the things, as while they still have design costs, the fact that they only produce these things to order should help to mitigate the risk of not selling as well as more mainstream game expansions. Anyway, enough rambling from me on this – it has merriods, so it should be awesome! I’ve treated myself to it, along with some of the Lord of the Rings print on demand stuff, so stay tuned for more of that!

Warhammer 40,000

I’ve been trying to learn the rules to Warhammer 40k over the weekend, as the manager of my local games shop has offered to play a game with me on Friday. I’ve got to say, this is one overly-complex rules set! Aside from the fact that it’s a tabletop game with nearly 300 pages of rules across two hardcover books, it seems to require a lot of time and effort, which I’m not sure will be worthwhile. I’m open to persuasion, as always, but it strikes me that it might be a bit too long-winded. We’ll see, of course.

From what I’ve gleaned, it’s a case of moving, shooting, and melee – I don’t have any C’tan, so I won’t be engaging in any psychic warfare (I think). Moving seems fine, as I move 6 inches, and terrain can interact with that. Shooting seems to be overly-complicated for what it is – check range, roll to hit, roll to wound, remove models. It sounds simple, except it really isn’t, due to the various stats that interfere in bizarre ways, predominantly ballistics skill. I mean, my Necron Immortals have a ballistics skill of 4, which means they hit on 3+? Why can’t ballistics skill just be what you need to roll to hit on, and eliminate the unnecessary step of subtracting from 7? BS, indeed!

I’m still not entirely sure what’s involved for melee combat – I got distracted by the issue of Challenges, which sound like a lot of fun! It’s something that has drawn me to 40k from the beginning, the idea of a more narrative style of play, and I thought this seemed to be quite thematic in how it encourages role-playing. There is some element around Morale, apparently, and if your guy refused a Challenge, his leadership value is ignored for Morale checks, which seemed nice and thematic! Simple things…

I’ll be playing my Necrons, of course, and I think I have roughly 1000-points of army ready. I’m going with Immortals as the troop choice of course, and I’ll have some Lychguard in there as well. I’ve recently finished the Catacomb Command Barge, which will also feature, as will a couple of Lords and a Cryptek. I’ll have a write-up for you all on Friday, with pictures if I remember, so you can see how it went!

Until then, I’ll be enjoying my usual round of board and card games, and hopefully today I’ll be able to get in a couple, if nothing else.¬†Whatever you’re doing this Sunday, I hope it’s awesome!