Playing with Space Marines

Hey guys!

First of all, a happy Easter to you all! Whether you’re celebrating the occasion or just eating chocolate, whatever you’re up to I hope it’s awesome!

And speaking of awesome…

Remember last weekend, I started doing stuff with my copy of Space Hulk? Well, I decided to invest in a few bits as a sort of practice-run, as I really don’t want to make a mess of things, given how it’s a complete set, and whatnot. This week, then, I bought a box of Space Marine Assault Squad, and a box of Termagants. These last I’m particularly looking forward to doing stuff, as I have a few ideas running around for how to paint these guys.

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Face the xenos! #Warhammer

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I’m really excited about the Space Marines, though! I’ve never really thought of them much before, as I’m usually more interested in the alien races. However, these models are actually really great-looking, and they’re a whole load of fun to build!


I really, really enjoy building models, perhaps more than painting them, because I find it really enjoyable to make individual-looking poses and such. which is something that I really enjoy about the Necron Lychguard kit. Among the sprue-goodness of the Assault Squad, there’s a whole load of weapon choices and so forth, including that really nice axe in the picture up there. I love just how pose-able they are, though, and how you can position the arms and the head to give them some real character.

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My Space Marines have doubled since yesterday! #Warhammer

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Face the xenos, part two! #Warhammer

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It’s definitely been fun discovering these chaps, and I’m really looking forward to some painting adventures over the upcoming long weekend! I’ve painted Space Marine casualties before, of course, but never…uh…live guys. This’ll be fun…

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