Forever Evil!

DC Forever Evil

Hey folks! Happy Game Day!

Yes, it’s Tuesday, so it can only be one thing! Time for the spotlight of awesome to shine on another game, and today we’re looking at another deck-building game. Today, we’re looking at DC: Forever Evil!

DC Forever Evil

Okay, so I’ve been super-busy recently, and unfortunately haven’t had the time to play that many games, so this is going to be a fairly short blog again. Apologies for that. It also feels a bit like cheating, because this is very similar to the DC base game that I took a look at before Christmas, to the extent that I’m almost questioning why I’m doing this at all… But still!

DC: Forever Evil allows you to play as some of the most iconic villains of the DC universe, such as Lex Luthor, Sinistro, or Harley Quinn, and take on the Super Heroes in what essentially amounts to a mirror image of the base game. The Super Heroes form a separate deck, with The Flash taking point, and each turn you attempt to gain cards into your hand to enable you to go up against the Super Heroes. Each one after the Flash has a First Appearance-Attack that must be resolved when they’re flipped over, and when the stack runs out, the game is over and the points are tallied.

DC Forever Evil

It’s very similar, as I said, to the base game. There are the same mix of card types in the main deck for this game, and overall, you can blend this with the base game with next to no problems whatsoever – in fact, you could do so with no problems at all, actually…

Some people might be thinking that this is a bit of a cheap shot, that it isn’t the clever re-imagining of the base game that Legendary: Villains was to Marvel Legendary, and to an extent, you’re right. However, Forever Evil does have a couple of things in its favour.

First of all, the new main deck cards revolve around a few sub-themes, predominantly card destruction, which the base game really needs (in my view). Deck-building games all follow the same basic course, where you have a starting hand of weak cards, but you go through the game buying more useful cards with allow you to do better things, but you’ll always have those starting chump cards unless you manage to somehow destroy them. Base-game DC has a couple of things you can do, but you’re usually stuck with them until the end. Forever Evil has cards that give some pretty good bonuses for destroying cards, and allow you do destroy cards all over the place. Furthermore, it creates a specific destroyed pile, and there are more cards in the main deck that improve depending on what types of cards are in that pile. It’s something that the base game definitely needs, so it’s well worth integrating these two games for that, if nothing else.

Secondly, you can now earn Victory Points in-game, and there are a number of cards that work off how many Victory Points – as defined by VP tokens – you have. I’m not a huge fan of tokens in card games like these, but it’s not like these are a real problem or anything. At the end of the game, these tokens get added to the VP total of your cards, and it’s a nice little addition to the game.

DC Forever Evil

There are a couple of other things, such as Captain Cold’s Cold Gun, which allows you to freeze a card in the lineup until your next turn, in case a really good one comes up but you can’t afford it right then. However, there’s no Captain Cold in this box! Very disappointing.

Overall, it’s another fun game added to the line, and definitely worth getting if you enjoyed any of the other DC games from Cryptozoic. I’m not a huge fan of pure deckbuilding games, but the theme definitely wins out on this one, at least. However, something that I feel the game misses out on is tying into the actual Forever Evil storyline in the comics, where the super villains form the Injustice League to combat the Crime Syndicate. There’s no attempt to show the villains teaming up, it’s just the DC base game but in reverse. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there we go. The game line in general doesn’t seem to want to particularly build up its theme, as I’ve mentioned before, so I suppose at this late stage of the game I can hardly hold that against it!

Can you believe this game has been going over two years now? Sheesh!

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DC Forever Evil

Games Sunday!

Hey everybody!
It feels like a while since I’ve been posting anything of substance here, apologies to all who have missed my sagacious words this past week! I’ve been feeling a bit rough, sadly, between one thing and another. I’ve also been working madly at an essay that’s due on Thursday – I managed to get about half of it done yesterday, eventually, but that’s been heavy-going. Additionally, I’ve been asked to produce a promotional video for a meeting in work, which has involved a steep learning curve on Windows Movie Maker, but I’ve managed to throw something together. That’s actually been lots of fun, and I’m hoping to make use of these skills for this here blog in the future! You have been warned!

However, due to all of these shenanigans, I’m more than likely only going to have time for another small-scale game day blog next week. It’s about two weeks until I’ve got some time off, however, so such meagre offerings will hopefully be mitigated then!

So what’s new in the world?

Not sure if you’ve seen the news, but FFG put up a preview for the first deluxe expansion to the Warhammer Conquest LCG, The Great Devourer. Tyranids are coming to the Traxis Sector! While I was hoping for Necrons, it’s still exciting to see!

The Great Devourer

I picked up the third war pack last week from the local games shop, and was taking with the manager there about how I’ve only actually managed to get in one game with this one, back when the core set released before Christmas. That needs to be remedied, and soon, I feel! I seem to remember that it is a really great game, with a lot of strategy and such, so I hope I can get it to the table more, anyway. The new deluxe seems to offer a lot of interesting options, anyway, so I can definitely see myself picking this up. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Tyranids would have been my army of choice had I not gone for Necrons.

Speaking of Warhammer, I’ve not painted anything for what seems like an age. Luckily, I’ve also not been buying things in a similar timeframe. Since I hit the wall, I’ve sold off a few of my kits on ebay to try to thin the ranks, but it hasn’t really helped! I’ve been pursuing more traditional tabletop gaming pursuits, such as Thunderstone, which helped to redress the balance in my life after Warhammer had been taking over. However, there are still odd moments where I find myself wanting to be more creative once again, so I think it might only be a matter of time before I pick up a brush.

Not before I finish the essay, however!

As far as Warhammer Fantasy goes, the fifth and final round of the End Times is currently raging, with Archaon the Everchosen coming down from the Chaos Wastes to wreak havoc among the shattered remains of the Empire. I pre-ordered the books on Friday, but haven’t gone for a Bloodthirster – it’s a nice model, but I still prefer the daemon prince!

Back to FFG, who have also announced another Reinforcements pack for Battlelore, the Razorwings. Still really excited for new stuff for Battlelore, though part of me is really concerned as to the expansion model we’re seeing here. While it is, of course, a tactical miniatures wargame, I was still hoping it would be expanded in the traditional manner of a boardgame, with a big box for more stuff. Instead, while they have announced boxes of army reinforcements, we’re seeing more of these smaller packs of just a couple of minis, and my wallet cries out in dismay! However, the Razorwings are something of an iconic Terrinoth monster, so it’ll definitely be fun to have these in the game.

Battlelore Razorwings

We’re currently looking at a similar situation for Imperial Assault, which has had another preview of the new ally packs that are expected shortly. I still haven’t been able to play Imperial Assault, unfortunately, so I’m currently hoping to abstain from buying these things. Yeah, right…

Back to LCGs now, and Escape from Mount Gram, the second adventure pack in the Angmar Awakened cycle for Lord of the Rings, has been announced. I’ve mentioned it before, of course, that I was a playtester for this cycle, and this adventure is just awesome. The preview article only hints at the actual quest, which I’m not going to spoil here, but suffice it to say, this quest is hard for solo play. The final pack in the cycle was my absolute favourite, with some awesome effects involved. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be pleased with this one!

JSA crossover 1

Over to Cryptozoic now, where the DC deck-building game continues to expand! Crisis Pack #2 was released a couple of weeks ago, and that looks like more of the same from Crisis Pack #1, though obviously tailored to Heroes Unite rather than the base game. The JSA Crossover Pack #1 looks like a really cool way of expanding the line, too – more heroes, more super-villains, and a smattering of new main deck cards, all for £8! It gives it almost a LCG-like feel! Of course, a lot of people have been complaining that there is only one current actual expansion for the game, the Crisis Pack, as the other stuff released so far has been new core sets, with punches and kicks etc that are just superfluous if you only want more options for one game. Well, now you have them! As ‘Crossover Pack 1’, it means there’s a whole host of options for more in the future! According to boardgamegeek, Packs 2 and 3 are Arrow and Legion of Super-Heroes, respectively. I believe Pack 2 will have screencaps from the TV show, unfortunately, but even so, it’s always good to see games expanded! Pack 3 also links to a fourth core set that is expected sometime soon, Teen Titans. I’m sure I’ll keep buying these things, as it is an enjoyable game.


And speaking of Cryptozoic, there are just three days left on their Ghostbusters kickstarter!

I’m still pretty excited by this game, having been a huge fan of this IP as a child. A lot of negativity has surrounded the game, something I only vaguely touched on when I last looked at the campaign earlier in the month. It is currently 390% funded, and has seen twenty stretch goals to get there. Of these, seventeen are kickstarter exclusives. And there are some pretty iconic Ghostbusters characters among those exclusives. A lot of people have read this as a cash-grab, with the company wanting to just make as much money from a one-time deal as they can, then drop the thing, while recently some more level-headed arguments have been put forward.

The game is primarily based around the comics series from IDW publishing, with the ghostbusters themselves having this comic-book look to them. The game has barely scratched the surface of the universe that has been continued in this medium, so it’s entirely possible that the game is more comics-centric than movies-centric. While that makes a lot of sense in terms of the game itself, from a business point of view, it seems overwhelmingly short-sighted, as I imagine most people aren’t even aware of the comics. (If you’re one of these people, start here!) I’ve currently thrown $300 at this campaign, anyway, as I’m thinking I’ll cover all bases by getting the exclusives add-ons while they’re available, then if the game isn’t supported post-release, I’ll at least have plenty of options for a long time!

While I’m on the subject of comics…

Years ago, I was an avid comics collector. It became something close to an addiction, however, and I made the herculean effort of selling them all. I’ve still been a Star Wars comics fan, of course, but all my Marvel and DC stuff I got rid of. However, I can’t help feeling that I didn’t do the right thing, and playing games like DC and Marvel Legendary has shown that I still have a love of comic book universes. So I decided to get a couple of things at the end of last month, including the new Flash comics that are part of DC’s overhaul, the New 52. They’ve only just arrived, and I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Flash has forever been my favourite DC hero, in part because it remains to this day the only computer game I have ever completed…

That’s right, kids – these are the kind of games I grew up with!

Kick in the door!

Yes folks, it’s time for Munchkin!


This is only going to be a small blog, apologies in advance – I’ve been feeling awful all weekend, and it hasn’t improved yet. Anyway! I thought I’d take some time to wax lyrical about Munchkin, the delightful tongue-in-cheek parody on roleplaying games. It’s really a lot of fun – let me demonstrate…


You play a hero delving into a dungeon, fighting monsters in search of loot. Your aim is to get from level one to level ten, and you gain levels mainly by fighting monsters, though you can sell your treasures, and also steal from other players. This last really shows where the gameplay thrives: you’re in a race to beat your fellow players, so if you can stab them in the back and get there first, then do it!


There aren’t just monsters in the door deck, however. You can get Class and Race cards, as well as “event”-style cards that you can use for a variety of effects. For instance, if someone is beating a monster a bit too easily, you can modify that monster’s stats to make it more difficult for them. Curses also lurk in the door deck, and can ruin your strategy by removing your stuff. You actually have a hand of door cards, so you can play Curses on your fellow players, and all that jazz.

Ah, fabulous!

Once you beat a monster, you’ll get a class or two, and also a number of treasures. Wonderful!


Treasures are all good stuff that will give you bonuses when you’re fighting monsters – your combat stats are based on your level plus your stuff, which is why Curses are so awful! In keeping with the absolute whimsy of this game, treasures have some of the most hilarious items you will ever see in tabletop gaming – I mean, the Tuba of Charm! It’s just so wonderful!

I’ve not had the opportunity to play a lot of Munchkin, but it’s a game that I’d like to get to the table more. If you need anything else to convince you, take a look at Wil Wheaton’s tabletop:


Sandeep Parikh and Felicia Day together again! Colleagues from The Guild, of course, where this game had a starring role in season five. In turn, Steve Jackson Games brought out The Guild expansion pack for the game. All our favourite characters appear, between both doors and treasures, adding another great dimension to the game!