Week off, last day

Ah, this happened far too quickly! Doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was looking at the grand vista of a whole nine days off work!

This last weekend has been pretty quiet and uneventful as things go, at any rate. Yesterday I had the very exciting game with the new co-op scenario for Descent, Nature’s Ire, which I mentioned yesterday anyway, but just wanted to re-iterate how much fun these co-op scenarios are! Highly recommended, to all!

This afternoon/evening, I actually did a spot of miniatures painting, too!

Last September, Games Workshop brought out a fourth edition of the classic Space Hulk boardgame, which I initially resisted, but decided to just throw caution to the winds and snap up, as I fell entirely for the whole limited-availability thing. While I did build up the miniatures towards the end of that month, but it’s just been languishing in my spare room ever since. However, I had a small problem with one of the genestealers coming in the box broken, and GW replaced the entire sprue – awesome customer service, right there! It was the sprue with the Broodlord on, though I didn’t do anything with the extras – until today!

I’m actually really excited to be painting these chaps, as I felt like the whole Space Hulk thing was a bit of an event, back in the day, so it’s nice to kinda get a bit more of that. I’ve so far only painted one base coat onto them, just the decking bits, but it’s good to be finally doing something with these miniatures, I have to say!

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary over the colour scheme I want to use. Part of me wants a traditional-looking game, with the purple and navy genestealers as per normal:


However, there are so many interesting-looking colour schemes out there for Tyranids in general, I’m really not sure what I want to do! I bought a Maleceptor at the beginning of the year that I’m still planning to paint in Hive Fleet Eumenides colours, but we’ll see what happens. Crazy times, people – anything could happen!!

Speaking of painting stuff, I didn’t win the painting competition at my local store – though seriously, I never had any illusions of victory! More than anything, it got me somewhat out of my painting funk, but check out the winner:

Amazing stuff, I have to say. You can just about see my Saurus Oldblood under his wing, too!

So yeah, anyway, it’s been a fantastic week, over all-too-quickly, but at least next weekend is Easter, so at least there’re a couple of short weeks coming up! Marvellous!

3 thoughts on “Week off, last day”

  1. too bad you lost the contest:( but to be honest Bloodthrister looks really cool and deserve winner. and I think I haven’t seen your finished Oldblood. have you posted somewhere?

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