March Madness: a monthly round-up

Hey everybody!
So I thought I’d try something kinda new here, and do a kind of monthly round-up or something, like a “this was my March” and so forth. No real reason, I just thought I’d do something a bit different and all!

So, March! It’s seen some exciting stuff happen, there’s no denying that. To start with, it’s been a very expensive month, as three kickstarters ended, starting with Nova Cry, a sci-fi card game that looked sufficiently interesting, and looked like pretty good value for what you get. You control a ship, its captain and crew, as you fight opponents or discover the galaxy, and it looks pretty great for the package, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting this – expected in June, too, so fingers crossed that works!

Ghostbusters boardgame Cryptozoic

The big one was Ghostbusters, just over £200 for a big bundle of miniatures in a co-op boardgame that looks like it might be great, but I’m disproportionately worried about how it’s going to turn out, considering the money I threw at it. I’ve already mentioned this, of course, but the amount of kickstarter exclusive stuff had me almost foaming at the mouth! I’ve pledged for what I think is everything, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Finally, I backed a Viking-themed minis game called Blood Rage, which is from perhaps my all-time favourite game designer, Eric Lang. I hadn’t realised until coming across this game that Cool Mini Or Not is a game design company as well as the website where people vote for each others’ paint jobs, but of course, they’re the ones behind such things as Arcadia Quest, Rivet Wars, and of course, Zombicide. Blood Rage looks like it should be pretty great, anyway, and the minis are impressive, so we’ll see! Another one with lots of goodies to come!

Thanks to my week off, I’ve been playing a lot more games this month, which is always a good thing! Sometimes it feels like I don’t really have the time, but having dedicated the week to doing very little, it definitely paid off for me! Something I’m particularly pleased with is just how much I got to play Lord of the Rings LCG – twelve games, all told, including the start of my campaign project, which is something I’m looking forward to progressing with! I’ve said it before, but this game is the one I usually cite as my absolute favourite, which is bizarre when you realise how little I’ve played it recently! So it’s good to get back into that.

Of course, it hasn’t all been card games, as I also managed to take the new co-op scenario for Descent out for a try! Nature’s Ire is an enjoyable rescue mission-style of quest, where you get to fight the Merriod along the way! These have been my favourite Descent monsters since I saw a wonderful paint job someone had posted online, where they looked beautifully disgusting (you know what I mean!) Perhaps unsurprisingly, I can’t find them now, but anyway!

Descent is a super-enjoyable fantasy dungeon-crawler, one that I only wish I could play more often!

Now, I’m not that big a video gamer. In fact, I’m just not a video gamer. However, I came across Jesse Cox’s youtube channel late one night and thought I’d check out what he gets up to, and wound up watching this really entertaining three-part series of Dragon Age Inquisition. While it’s true that watching the game play does give me a bit of a headache, it’s nevertheless fun to listen along as the guys react to what’s happening, etc.

Speaking of which, I had a question answered by Wil Wheaton on tumblr this weekend, which kinda made my month! Not only because it meant he was somehow listed as #4 in my “biggest fans”, which was kinda hilarious. But anyhow!

ask wilw

I think it’s really great that celebrities of any standing would want to engage with their fans to such an extent, but it also got me thinking about just how ridiculously amazing stuff like the internet really is. The other week in work, I was part of a telekit that involved people from across North Wales and Anglesey, and kinda zoned out during it thinking about how amazing it is that we could have a conversation with people over 70 miles away as if they’re in the same room as us. Stuff that’s normally taken for granted, but it’s pretty awesome, I thought! The same way I asked a guy I don’t personally know, who lives on the other side of the world, a question that he then responded to.

I’ll stop, before my head explodes.

It’s been a pretty exciting month, so in celebration, I’ll leave you all with this photo of a lasagne I made. You’re welcome.

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Ah, lasagne!

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