Week Off, day one

Hey folks!
First of all, let’s just get this out there now: I’m probably not going to write a blog every day of this week. I know how much you all love these words of wisdom I spout, but it sadly won’t likely happen that way. However, it’s been such an awesome time so far, I’m hoping that at least a couple will see their way to publication!

Why has it been so awesome? I hear you cry. Well, I’ve already mentioned some of the wonderful stuff that’s been going on, but the good stuff continues today! See, I’ve gotten back into playing the Lord of the Rings LCG! Considering this is the game that I often cite as my absolute favourite, it’s one that I don’t get round to playing all that often. We’ve had a complex relationship over the years, from all-out love during the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, to growing ever distant during the Dwarrowdelf. While Against the Shadow did begin to rekindle the old flames, I still can’t really say that I’m back to that place in the winter of 2011, where I was all-out enraptured with the thing. At any rate, I’m back to playing it now!

I’ve had an Elf deck set up for quite a while – I think my original intention was to run Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel together, but the latter hadn’t been released at that point, so I made it Elrond, Glorfindel and Legolas instead. Leadership is a sphere that I have been increasingly moving away from, as I find them too much of a support sphere to warrant a hero – last year, I replaced Theodred with Eomer in my Rohan deck, making it dual-sphere, and it works a treat.

So far, I’ve had six games with this deck, which partly came out of a desire to test the waters with the new Elves:

So we’ve got: Assault on Osgiliath, Road to Rivendell, Conflict at the Carrock, The Hills of Emyn Muil, Encounter at Amon Din, and The Fords of Isen. It was particularly pleasant to go for Road to Rivendell, as it’s a quest I haven’t really played a lot of – and the inanity of Elrond escorting his daughter to himself didn’t diminish that! Fords of Isen is a quest I played back when the Voice of Isengard box came out, but haven’t done anything else with, so it was nice to get to that, also.

The “Adventures with” thing came about last year, when I had a day playing through some of the Dwarrowdelf quests with a Dwarf deck that I’d made up with the new cards that came out of the Hobbit Saga boxes. It was tremendous fun to go back to some of those, which were quite tough back when they were new. So following last year’s Adventures with Dwarves, I’m hoping to extend my Adventures with Elves beyond the scope of just half a dozen quests!


I’m intending to make up a sort of general-purpose deck at some point this week, as I don’t currently have one set up, and then perhaps will tackle some of the new Ringmaker scenarios. I’ve only actually played The Dunland Trap once, where I decided to swap out Theodred in my Rohan deck, so it’ll be nice to play that again.

I’m not entirely sure when The Lost Realm is due out, though it can’t be all that far away now. Hopefully I can get to play some of the Ringmaker scenarios before it’s released, anyway!

Speaking of new releases…

Descent Bonds of the Wild

Another Hero & Monster Collection! This one looks particularly fantastic as it has some of my favourite heroes in it – albeit, they’re my favourite in their Runebound incarnation – Ronan the Wild and Vyrah the Falconer! However, the monsters are also looking pretty amazing – check out those leaping hellhounds! Awesome!

Descent Bonds of the Wild

I really like these collections, and currently have three of them. Descent itself is a game that I’ve sadly not managed to play an awful lot of, though the release of the co-op scenario Forgotten Souls really fired my imagination when I got my hands on it last year! I’ve recently taken delivery of the next co-op scenario, Nature’s Ire, so I’m intending to play that one at some point this week, too!

Exciting times are ahead, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m moving away from Warhammer. I’ve not really been painting that many things, and I’ve been selling off quite a lot from my pile of shame, keeping just a core of Necron, Lizardmen and Ogre kits. However, the rumours from Christmastime of the Adeptus Mechanicus actually becoming a thing seem to be true, and while I’m not about to rush off and throw money at them, I am finding myself faintly interested in what this will bring to the table. I’m interested, put it that way!

Five Tribes

And finally, this arrived! Five Tribes is something that debuted at last year’s Gen Con, which piqued my interest somewhat, though I hadn’t heard much more about it. However, last week I was given £100 of amazon vouchers following some work I did on a promotional video in work, so thought I’d invest in a new boardgame, along with some other bits and pieces, so treated myself to what my boardgamegeek stats have decided is my 700th game! (The real count is probably closer to 50-60; bgg, if you don’t know, allows you to add games to a virtual collection, but every expansion and promo is counted as a separate game). Reviews will no doubt follow, though if you enjoy a good Arabian Nights-themed game, make sure you check back in here tomorrow…!

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