GAMA Trade Show!

Hey folks!

After what has been a truly awful day in work today, I’m pretty chuffed to come home to the exciting news coming out of the GAMA Trade Show (and the Chinese takeaway I picked up on the way home!)

Very excited for a new big box of Marvel Legendary!

This one sounds interesting, I must say – always a fan of the cooperative games!

Lots of fun to see this happen – “Yeah, it’s a thing!”

While this one has been known for a while now, it’s still exciting!

Pretty interesting! Official release news can be seen here.

Lots of FFG Star Wars news coming out of GAMA, but this is particularly intriguing!

Very excited about this – even though I have yet to play the base game!!

Full details on Twin Shadows and the associated ally/villain packs here!

Wave 2 for Armada – and the base game isn’t even out yet! Exciting, all the same…

I’m a huge Hellboy fan, so this has really got my attention!

This could be interesting, but I’m not entirely sure how this will happen…

I really like Mage Wars, though not sure what Mage Wars Academy involves. Whatever, it’s interesting!

GAMA Trade Show is going on until the end of the week. Hopefully there’ll be more goodness coming out of that before the weekend – Flying Frog, anyone? – so I’ll keep this blog updated as and when!

Finally – a peek at Flying Frog’s booth:


Great to see some more stuff for Dark Gothic, as well! Good times are ahead, it seems!

Blood Rage kickstarter recently finished, just prepare for some awesome coming from this!