New Star Wars stuff!

Lots of chatter over the internets the past couple of days about new Star Wars literature coming in the run-up to December’s new movie, headed up from this article over on EW. Here are some of my thoughts, which I know you value highly!

A few titles we can confirm are Del Rey’s Star Wars: Aftermath, which sounds like it may serve as an epilogue to the original trilogy—and perhaps a prologue to the new one. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics will put out one prequel called Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens and another preview story told from C-3PO’s perspective.

One book to cover the 32-year in-universe gap between episodes 6 and 7? This is pretty awful, and hopefully wrong! There are so many awesome novels in this part of the history that I love so much, it’s going to be extremely difficult to remain objective when I get to read this Aftermath item. I’m hoping that it is merely just a sequel to episode six, and helps to explain why the events of the entire original trilogy are just pointless, as the Empire appears to have survived its apparent annihilation at the end of Jedi. (This is still a strong bone of contention for me).

A comics prequel to the film sounds like it could be good, especially if it’ll be as high-quality as the new ongoing series. I was initially sceptical about replacing the amazing Dark Horse run, of course, but I was really impressed with that first issue, and am looking forward to the Vader series when those issues make it into my hot little hands!

Also intriguing, although not strictly part of the “Journey To …” the next movie: Look for a series of novels retelling the events of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi from the perspective of various supporting characters. Which ones? The publishers aren’t saying just yet. (Fingers crossed for a Behind the Music-style look at what Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band thought was happening in Jabba’s throne room.)

Okay, so I’m not particularly excited by this, but I remain open to being surprised.

However, the worst is this:

Those hoping to find out what Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo have been up to for the past three decades will find it first on the page, with Disney Publishing Worldwide and Lucasfilm confirming that the titles will be filled with Easter eggs foreshadowing events in J.J. Abrams’ Dec. 18 movie.

What is it with Star Wars needing to foreshadow itself all the time? Whenever this has happened before, it’s always been just so bloody awful. Something that leaps to mind is the eternal angst from Anakin during the Clone Wars multimedia tie-ins, where authors took pains to show us how he would so obviously turn into Darth Vader, to the extent that it made the character ridiculous. I’m not really looking forward to seeing endless “event b was inevitable because of event a in story x…”

But anyway. Lots of Star Wars stories coming up, surely the law of averages will mean some of them will be great…