Game Day Extra!

Hey folks!

As if my little exploration of Thunderstone wasn’t enough for you guys, I’m doing a little extra blog here to wax lyrical for a moment on the upcoming Ghostbusters game from Cryptozoic, which is currently halfway through its time over on kickstarter!


This thing has been doing really well since it launched earlier this month, I think it’s around 300% funded right now. I backed it pretty much straight-off, going for the Mass Hysteria pledge:


Lots of nice bits and bobs there, and the added bonus of getting all the stretch goals as well. Currently, we’re looking at some pretty exciting stretches, too – six new ghosts, one new ghost group, two extra heroes, more building tiles… Very exciting stuff there! I’m currently a bit on the fence about adding anything more to my pledge for add-ons for even more ghosts, as I feel a bit like I’ve had kickstarter burnout following Shadows of Brimstone back in 2013, but given the sheer volume of kickstarter-exclusive material here, it’s very tempting.

(On a side note – Gozer is a ks exclusive… while the game predominantly takes its look from the comics, I’m surprised that the big boss of the first movie would be only ever available during this campaign…)

Anyway, it looks like it should be a lot of fun, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it arrive later in the year (such is my hope!). In the meantime, checkout the playthrough video here:

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