Plastic crack

Hey everyone,

Feeling in a bit of a pensive mood lately, I have to say. It’s been very busy in work lately, which is giving me very little time for much else really. I’ve been trying to get some more painting done, but it hasn’t really been working out for me, sadly. This weekend just past, I managed to get some base coats on some Ogres, but yeah…

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Mournfang and Ogres, part 2! #Warhammer

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I’m forever surprised at just how much stuff I have waiting in the wings, I should probably pick up the pace a bit! That said, I’ve also decided to sell some of my bits on ebay, I’m hoping by clearing the decks a little it might become a bit more manageable. Well, anyway.

I’ve been feeling a bit like the miniatures have been taking over my life somewhat, though. Back last summer, I decided to get that practice mini in preparation for Shadows of Brimstone, but enjoyed myself so much with it that it just exploded. Part of that, of course, was down to a relationship breakdown at the end of August, which saw me buying Warhammer stuff to take my mind off things. Six months on, nearly, and I’m still buying things, though lately I’ve been feeling it’s more out of habit than anything else.

Pile of Shame

The pile of shame, to date, consists of 45 kits, which have set me back about £1400. Shocking, though by most peoples’ standards I get the impression it’s actually pretty modest. Well anyway. I’m still quite annoyed with my lack of restraint here, anyway.

I’m not planning to completely ditch the miniatures of course, as I do really enjoy building and painting. But I’m hoping for more balance here in the coming weeks and months.

(I just remembered I have Space Hulk, too…)