The Feldherr!

Hey everyone!

Today I picked up the Feldherr medium bag for my X-Wing ships – enough storage for 25 ships along with the V-25 Decimator and the Lambda shuttle:

Feldherr medium

It’s not a bad product, I must say, though the foam does feel a little too feeble, if I’m totally honest. The case itself doesn’t seem too bad, like it’s sturdy and will protect the minis just fine, but the foam does worry me slightly.

Feldherr medium

Of course, the custom slots for the Lambda shuttle and the Decimator are really useful, with large slots to fit the bases and whatnot too.

Feldherr medium

I’ve got to admit, I’m not 100% sure whether I’m happy with how I’ve got everything stored right now, but I’m sure I’ve got time to sort it out if need be. For now, anyway, it’s pretty good, and it will definitely fit my needs for transportation (though not for storage – going to think a bit more on that one). All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it, though I think I’d prefer something that carried horizontal rather than vertical.


2 thoughts on “The Feldherr!”

  1. I thought long and hard before deciding not to get one of these bags. I loved the store pictures they had and the bags (of any size really) looked really professional. After a little search on the web for reviews I quickly deduced they are overpriced and there are some better alternatives around. I recommend Battlefoam for future endeavors, I think they just started their SW line a few months ago. Might wanna give it a look.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up! Hadn’t realised they did Star Wars stuff too – was looking into Battlefoam for my Necron stuff, and it seems really good, anyway!

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