Ah, Spirits! and other sundries

Hey everybody!
I’ve just been taking a look around at some of the excellent blogs you good people are writing here on wordpress this fine evening, and would like to draw your collective attention to a wonderful pair, both of which sport a Warhammer theme, so prepare yourselves!

First is this from Roemer’s Workshop, showing his work on some Spirit Hosts. These guys accompanied the first round of End Times releases last Autumn, which centred on the megalithic release that was Nagash. I bought all of the wave one End Times kits, and actually built and painted the Spirits that release weekend – because I took the sprues out of the box to look at, and couldn’t fit them back in…

Part One
Part Two

They’re actually among my favourite models that I’ve painted to date, I suppose partially due to the fact they were pretty much entirely done with washes rather than complex paint jobs!


Warhammer Spirit Hosts

The second blog I’d like to direct you to is from the awesome manofyesterday, a review of the card game Space Hulk: Death Angel. I’ve looked at this myself in the past, of course, but I always enjoy reading other peoples’ opinions of games I have played. I also wrote my entry after only one play (though have subsequently played it more often), so I don’t really think mine constitutes a review proper. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who finds this game tough yet enjoyable, at any rate! Something that I particularly like about the game is how tactical it is, which is echoed quite strongly in manofyesterday’s review. Definitely check it out!

Anyhow. I’ll be back tomorrow with another game day blog – again in the vein of trying something new, so will see you then!