Kit-Bash competition!

Well, I didn’t win, but it was a lot of fun doing this! My entry is the Necron Cryptek on the right, kit-bashed from a number of Necron sets:

The main body is from a Canoptek Wraith. The legs are those of the Praetorian in the Triarch Stalker, with the neck formed from the pelvic joint of same, turned upside-down. The left arm is that of the Lord in the Catacomb Command Barge – the alternative arm, without the orb – and the right arm is from the Immortals kit with the gauss blaster cut away. The lower pair of arms grip a rod of covenant, all from the Triarch Praetorians kit. I’ve also used the abdomen and legs from a Canoptek Spyder. So six kits, in all! Fairly impressive, I feel!

Necron Cryptek conversion

It was primarily a modelling competition held at my local store yesterday, so I didn’t actually paint him up, but seeing the other entries painted, I felt that perhaps I ought to have made an effort. Still, I’m not particularly bothered that I didn’t win, it was just a lot of fun designing his look and building him out of spare bitz! The manager is already talking of another competition later in the year, so I might try something else. There are a few different Cryptek ideas I’d like to try out, if nothing else – though one of them has now been rendered a bit moot, since the harp of dissonance has been removed from the Codex! Ah well.

Necron Cryptek conversion

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