Legendary top ten!

So the gauntlet has been lain! As you may well know, Marvel Legendary is one of my favourite games, so of course I was more than willing to put together a list of my top ten heroes! (drumroll please)

Wolverine (base game)
For his healing alone, I always look at picking this guy up where I can, but combined with the card draw, I love this guy!

Iron Man (base game)
Iron Man is one of my favourite Avengers, so there is some of this influencing my choice here. I like him for his card draw, same as Wolverine, but the full power of his tech-hero synergy really comes to the fore with the expansions, and inter-expansion synergy is something I always enjoy. So yeah, another really great hero choice!

Angel (Dark City)
Discarding cards for added benefits – risky in the early game, when you have so many SHIELD agents, but can be so useful later on!

Nightcrawler (Dark City)
He has the Teleport special ability. I don’t think I need to say anything else…

Colossus (Dark City)
Some really interesting inter-hero synergy around gaining wounds, only to prevent them and draw some cards. Pair him with base game Wolverine to remove any wounds you can’t deflect!

Forge (Dark City)
Paired with Iron Man, this was the first combo that leapt out at me upon adding the expansion into the mix. His rare card lets you defeat the Mastermind once for free if you play two tech heroes. So, yeah…

Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)
From a pure mechanics side of things, I found Groot to be among the most useful of all the Guardians. He’s also a really cute character in the film, so another auto-include!

Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Far too often, I find the small expansions to have excellent synergy among the cards in said expansion, but they lose that as soon as you begin to add in other stuff. Star Lord is probably my favourite from the Guardians because of his Artifact abilities, but he really does need an all-Guardians line-up to shine, in my opinion.

Invisible Woman (Fantastic 4)
A really good defense-type character, for me. She’s like a more usable version of Black Widow from the base game, at any rate.

Silver Surfer (Fantastic 4)
Epic Destiny is such an amazing card. While Silver Surfer can tend to be one of those heroes that panders to the fanboys, I still like what they did with him in this game. As a bonus, you can totally use him in any line-up!

Yeah! So lists are good, but you know what’s better? Videos! Check out the hilarity!

These aren’t really in any particular order, though I think the Iron Man/Forge combo is probably my absolute favourite if I had to come down on one side or another.

So those are mine – and these are manofyesterday‘s – so what about you?

5 thoughts on “Legendary top ten!”

  1. I love how we only had one crossover! Colossus would have made my top 15 I think, I love the power of him, Hulk and The Thing. Silver Surfer is cool too, especially when you get that ability to make 9 attack points. Forge’s rare is so cool too. Good picks! My friend loves Invisible Woman, and if he gets his way he always goes for a female deck lol, as Black Widow can get crazily powerful.

    1. Black Widow powerful? I must say I’ve never had that, though I think I’m usually unimpressed with her rescuing bystanders business that I never really give her the chance. This is definitely one of the coolest reasons for having a blog like this, as I get to see and think about stuff like this in a new light all the time! Thanks!

      1. I mean with the bystanders. Whenever we play with her she always gets pumped up. Yeah I want to do more things like this, I plan to do it with smash up but I need to play with the newer factions more.

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