How to fix a problem with style!

Good lord!

Checking my email, I’ve just had this from Paizo, regarding the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game:

Due to a printer error, adventure deck 4 of Skull & Shackles, Island of Empty Eyes, included 6 copies of the henchman Gholdako and 1 copy of the henchman Ghol-Gan Obelisk; it should have had 6 Ghol-Gan Obelisks and 1 Gholdako. And due to our own error, it has 1 fewer Blink Spider than you’ll need when you have 6 players. We have solved this problem by making a pack of cards that includes 5 Ghol-Gan Obelisks, 1 Blink Spider, and—in the interest of turning lemons into lemonade—The Land of the Blind, a brand-new scenario that makes use of those extra Gholdako cards. We have just put that pack into your sidecart so it will ship along with your next subscription shipment. We’ll also be sending out copies through our distributors, and providing copies to customers who purchased Island of Empty Eyes from but do not have subscriptions. Further, all copies of Island of Empty Eyes that leave our warehouse from now on will include this pack. (None of the cards in this pack have any value in the game without Island of Empty Eyes, as they all rely on other cards in that deck to function; there’s also no game value in having more than 1 pack for each copy of Island of Empty Eyes.) Until this pack arrives, if you want to play the scenario “Home Sweet Home”—that’s the one that needs the missing Ghol-Ghan Obelisks—we suggest proxying with Buccaneers (that is, set the Ghol-Gan Obelisk to the side, add Buccaneers to the location decks instead, and refer to the Obelisk whenever you find a Buccaneer). We apologize for this error.

Y’know, it’s things like this that give me a really warm feeling towards a company. Not only do they pick up on the error fairly quickly (I only got this scenario last week), they solve the problem with such flair and panache that I’m in awe!

Gotta love Paizo!

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