Enter the beasts!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Following yesterday’s excitement, I’ve actually started painting a Necron again! First one this year, in fact. It’s also the first time I’ve done anything with a new model on its release weekend!

I’m pretty pleased with this so far, anyway! I’m hoping, later on, to pretty much get this finished, anyway!

I also picked up some ‘regular’ games last week, expansions for Star Wars LCG and Elder Sign. I’ve only had a fleeting look through the new cards from Between the Shadows, but today took a stroll through the Gates of Arkham, which was actually pretty good! I’ll be talking about this more in next week’s game day blog, anyway!

new games

On the subject of FFG, though, there has been a pretty amazing announcement made last week:


This was totally unexpected, I must say!

Battlelore is a really great game, though I’ve only been lucky enough to paint it once so far. So along with the new packs of soldiers coming sometime soon, we’re also going to see these Reinforcement packs, which look to be akin to Descent’s Lieutenants, or Imperial Assault’s Allies, coming as they do with more content for the game at large, rather than just a plastic miniature. Very interesting stuff, anyway!

Though, what is it with FFG suddenly packaging everything in these plastic shells? It means there’s nothing really to keep these things in once you open them (because, y’know, the boxes for these things are rarely sufficient for so much content!). Makes me wonder if there’s a conspiracy that FFG will sometime soon be producing some kind of bespoke game storage system…

Unfortunately, they’re doing the same with the LCGs – of course, Conquest has already shown this, but now they’re doing it with Lord of the Rings! No! (In case you’re wondering, I keep each quest in its original packaging, ready to go, thanks to buying 3-4 deluxe expansions each time).

The Wastes of Eriador has been announced, anyway, and looks fabulous. I was part of the playtesting group for this cycle, which has spoiled the excitement for me considerably, but it’s really nice to see the artwork! Check out the preview here.

So I’m really excited about the Battlelore stuff, and am indeed hoping to get this more to the table. Look for a blog on this one soon!

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