An impasse, maybe

Hey everybody!
Well last week was a bit crazy for me, work was busy as hell, on top of which I was trying to write an essay for the degree I’m still doing. Somehow, I made it, though!

Last night we saw the new Necron releases go up for pre-order on Games Workshop’s webstore, centring on the new Codex release.

Codex Necrons

This has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I only got into the hobby back in August, of course, and following some experimental painting, I discovered the joy of Necrons through the Lychguard, one of which was featured as part of the tutorial videos GW put out to demonstrate the new paint range back in the day.

Necron Lychguard

Anyhow. This chap looked awesome, and I quickly got myself a box of them, and haven’t looked back since! The Lychguard box has got to be the most enjoyable kit to assemble, with a whole myriad of poses available that really excite me!

Necron Lychguard

My first painting efforts, above, I’m quite pleased with (even if I do say so myself!), and it wasn’t long before I’d been thinking, let’s do this! So I was buying all sorts of stuff, including the Battleforce, and was enjoying building up all manner of kits. When Shield of Baal hit in December, and we had Necron involvement there, I was in my element! However, around Christmas I seemed to hit the saturation point. I had over twenty models in varying stages of completion, along with at least a dozen that were awaiting assembly, and I think I’d just had my fill of little metal soldiers, no matter how cool and evil-looking they were!

Taking a break over Christmas seemed to make things worse, so a couple of weeks ago I broke into new territory with the Ogre Kingdoms kits, and that seems to have fulfilled the purpose of getting me back into painting. However, that is pretty scattered at the minute, and I’m hardly in any sort of rush to finish those guys. And I’m still a bit hesitant to get back to the Necrons. Thinking I might combat that if I tried something new, I’ve started building one of the exotic Forge World kits, the Canoptek Acanthrites, but find myself just thinking, well this is goofy.

Might look better painted, of course, though you never know…!

There are only a few new things accompanying the new Codex release, anyway:

The new Overlord, named Zarathusa the Ineffable in the Baal campaign, is almost as expensive as a box of Lychguard, which has surprised me greatly. Now that we’re seeing the up-close pictures, I’m finding myself thinking he looks more than a little goofy, also. He is, however, all-plastic, which is cause enough to rejoice. The Tomb Awakened army box is actually a pretty good deal, six kits with a £27.50 saving, so you almost get a free box of Canoptek Wraiths. I’ve actually placed an order with my local games store, as he sells GW for a discount, so I’m saving a further £11.50! Marvellous stuff. It’s got a whole host of stuff that I’ll use, so it’s definitely a good choice. Better, in fact, than the Battleforce, as it doesn’t include those horrible Warriors!

The datacards I did purchase from the webstore, and I’m quite glad I did – seems they sold out within a couple of hours, though ebay is currently doing a wonderful trade in them for around 3x the price. The Codex was also available for pre-order in the Cryptek edition, following the standard for such things in having individual dataslates, objective markers, and other fancy bits. I was tempted, though £100 seemed a bit steep when you can buy the same information for £30. However, ebay is once again rejoicing in listings that have doubled the webstore price. While I’m all for capitalism, profiteering like this just angers me, and a brief look around the gaming community this morning has revealed I’m not alone! But it’s not the first time, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

I’m feeling in a bit of a weird place over all of this, anyway. I’ve wanted the Codex for so long, to finally have information about these models I’ve been painting and so on, but now it’s here, it feels a bit anti-climactic. I’m not feeling in any great rush to built up and paint more Necrons, and yet have just ordered over £100-worth of more models. And you just know I’ll be getting that Codex this time next week, alongside the new Overlord. But I’m almost entirely sure they’ll be put on the shelf as I procrastinate over painting the myriad other stuff I’ve got since. Hm!

A lot can happen in a week, though. I’m sure the website will be running a series of what’s new hype over next week, and I may yet find myself over-excited for these things by that time!


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